5 Things to do to stay positive during Social Distancing/ self Isolation...

27 Mar 2020

Hello everyone, 

I hope you are all staying safe and well in this uncertain time. I thought I would share with you some ideas of how to stay positive and organised when self Isolating and social distancing. We all know it can get a little boring at home and will most likely test our mental health, however these things are just some little things you can do to try and stay positive and keep organised and a routine when you are at home and not at work...

1. Have a set Wake up time 

This is so important, not only for your mental health but also when we do go back to work, it will make it easier for you to go back into your routine. Of course at the weekend set times for a lie in but from Mon-Friday, try to wake up around the same time everyday. if you are waking up at 11am everyday, you will probably find you are less productive and feel alot worse. I tend to wake up around 8/ 8:30 if I can on the weekdays and feel a lot more productive than when I lay in. I also feel a lot more tired when I keep snoozing my alarm...

2. Keep a morning routine

This is such great way to stay positive when you are maybe working from home, waking up at a healthy time in the morning. I then make sure I always make my bed and head downstairs to grab a coffee. I will spend around an hour writing down my to do list for the day, replying to emails and maybe writing a blog post or finishing off some work that needs doing. I then have breakfast and get ready for the day as normal. This morning routine always makes me feel so much better when I stick to it and do it regularly and makes me feel really motivated for the day.

3. Always get dressed

As much as it is lovely to stay in your pj's all day. Make sure you try to get up and dressed Monday to Friday. If you would like to see some cosy working from home outfit ideas, look out for a video coming soon on my Youtube channel. It doesn't have to be getting ready into a suit and jacket, but getting out of your pj's and putting a comfy outfit on is always a good idea. 

4.  Do an at home Workout

I know its probably easier said than done as I do find it hard to be motivated without a gym. However, there are so many amazing workout apps out there and you can find so many videos on youtube for at home workouts. You never know, you might even find an old workout dvd in the loft. I did a workout in the garden the other day and it was so refreshing. it just makes you feel that little bit better for being active and getting a little workout in. I love watching Krissy Cela's youtube videos and Insta videos. I love adding them to a saved file on Insta and following the videos. My sister has also just signed up to Alexandra's Happy body which also looks like a lot of fun...

5. Read 

This is probably one of the best things to do during this time. Sometimes I find myself spending far too much time on my phone which is not good and I feel really negative after. Reading makes you feel so much more positive and accomplished, especially reading some self help books. This could be a time to really focus and develop yourself. one of my favourites is The Secret. Whenever I find my self in a state of panic or anxiety, I will make sure I read this, it always makes me feel so much better. If you would like an in depth book review please do let me know as I would love to do one.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you some tips on how to stay positive when self isolating and social distancing. 

How to be productive at home With* ...

19 Mar 2020

Hello everyone,

I really do hope everyone is doing well. I am sending all the positive vibes to you and your families right now. Honestly I think its a gift sent from above that we can be spending more time with our families. Of course spending time at home can often come with cabin fever and feeling a little de motivated and in some cases, low... I know when I spend too much time in my bedroom I can go a bit doolally. So I thought what better way to help myself and you guys out was to give you some ideas of how to be productive and creative at home.

Spend time working on your hobby and getting creative.

This is one thing a lot of people may not have time to do in their everyday life. Maybe you love sewing or cooking or baking but you find work life just takes over. Now is the perfect time to practise your hobbies or find a new one. Or even if you have ever thought about creating a business or doing something that you would never have time for. For example, you may have always wanted to have your own events business, but time is something you have little is the perfect time to sort out a business plan and see what you can create. Motivation and creativity makes you feel so good and you will find the days go buy so much quicker when carrying out a hobby or working on a project.

 Plan a birthday Surprise for your family member with

Now you are probably wondering what to do for a birthday if you are self isolating. I think a really lovely idea to lift the spirits in your house hold (if you are well enough) hold a little party for that special someone with a birthday. They may be feeling a little low if they know they can't come out, so why not bring the birthday party to them. Bake a cake, and make dinner for them and even go to Pinterest to find some cute decorating ideas. 

You could even Go as far as designing some invitations for this. Basic  have some perfect invitation layouts and templates which means you can use your time and get a little creative with them. These birthday invitations are fab because you can add to the templates they already have to offer, or you can upload your very own design to the invitations. They have templates for all birthdays, including 21st, 50th and 60th birthday invitations . Again this is fab as they are literally delivered to your door so you don't have to go out to purchase anyway, a fab way to reduce contact with people. The design templates are so quirky and my favourite is definitely the 'Bottle service' invitation. They are unlike any invites you can find in the supermarket and are so inexpensive too.These can cost you as low as 64p per invitation 

What sets this brand out from the rest is that these invites are designed especially to what suits you, being able to change the colours and having infinite colour combinations on the invitations. Not only is this a great thing to do whilst being at home for your family, this is also fab if you are maybe planning your wedding or a big even in the next coming years. You could spend this time self isolating planning for your events or even for your big day. What a better way to spend an afternoon than wedding/ event planning, in advance and when you have the time. They also offer a sample service so you can see the quality before you purchase. 

 Not only does the website offer birthday invitation templates, they also offer graduation invites, wedding invitations, save the dates, RSVP cards, stickers thank you cards and so much more. If you are planning your wedding or a special birthday I would highly reccomened, especially because it is so inexpensive and so customisable. As you can see in the image above, I have been able to use the champagne template but completely customise the words and colours used on the invite. I also love the little addition of the gold foiling which will look fab. 

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post, a little creativity may come in very handy in these times and getting creative is a fab way to spend your time at home...

See you very soon

Cristy N 

 x x x 

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