Thank you 2020...

11 Jan 2021


Hello everyone,

A very happy new year to each and every single one of you reading this this evening. I can not quite believe 2020 has been and gone, my goodness was it tough but my gosh did it teach me some lessons I will carry with me for life. (Editing Cristy here; This blog post is a pretty deep one actually I wasn't expecting it to go to such depths so a little note to say mental health in general is the topic for todays post, just for those who may need a little warning; )...

The past two or so months have been massively strange and incredibly tough for my mental health, as I can imagine it has been with A LOT of people all across the planet. I used to think ' I wish I could be someone who doesn't suffer with their mental health' but I actually came to realise that everyone suffers with something in some way shape or form. I feel like my worries and OCD have been playing up a little recently, especially at the back end of 2020, but honesty I am so ready to be my most incredibly positive, happy and grateful self and put all the life lessons that 2020 taught me, into action.

If 2020 taught me anything, it would be; Take care of your self, your soul and your mind, because when you die thats what you take with you and carry forever, you want it to be a good place to be. I found a really amazing quote ...

I think that 'learning to sit with all the things and figuring out what to take with you and what to leave behind ' is a metaphor for facing your problems, sitting down with your thoughts and issues and asking yourself, my god is this truly worth the pain if I continue to carry this with me. I truly believe 2020 was a year full of purpose and learning. Some of us may have already had lots to deal with mentally and some of us may have discovered our problems during lockdown and during 2020. But I truly think that 2020 was the year that taught us, when stripped of holidays, festivals, nights out, going out for dinner, even going to work, seeing your loved ones, you are left with; time and your mind. For some, the mind can be a pretty good place to be, but for others it can be quite the challenge. 2020 made me realise that in order to enjoy life, You have to make your mind a happy and wonderful place to be.

 ' when life is good, you are happy, when you are happy, life is good'

This quote really resonated with me and it made me realise that life can be great because of so many external factors that make you happy, but when you are truly happy within yourself, the simplest of things make you so happy and truly grateful to be alive, you see good in everything and you are just grateful for everything in your life.

2020 was a HUGE year for me, there were highs and lows, but I will always continue to see the world through a positive lens, and that is what I want to take forward in 2021. Since writing my blog post about my OCD in 2019, the feeling I got from writing it and publishing it, with the thought of someone possibly reading it and it helping them made me feel such an incredible feeling inside. I feel like for the past 2 yeas especially, I have come so far with my mental health. Don't get me wrong, I often still struggle ( a lot), but I'm learning every day how to control it, I have really come to the realisation that life can be incredible and if spreading positivity, creating wholesome, helpful content across my social media channels may help just even 1 person, it would truly mean everything...

So I guess from now on, you may be seeing a little more posts across my social media relating to mental health, positivity, self help, self help books, and just in general how we can try to over come the issues holding us back in living the most incredible life... 

Just a little note to say; we all have our own ways of dealing with our problems, I respect that not everyone may agree with my mindset and ways of thinking and thats okay. I realise that everyone has their own luggage and have a different way of carrying it and that IS OKAY too. I am also NOT a professional, I have NEVER trained or qualified in any Mental health studies, my words are purely from what I have experienced in my own journey of my mental health, I know you will all be kind and respectful of that. If me sharing my experiences and how I deal with them can help and resonate with just one person, I would feel truly blessed ...

See you next time and keep smiling 

Cristy N 


My New Favourite additions to my Winter wardrobe...

25 Nov 2020

 Hello my lovelies,

Long time no speak so absolutely huge apologies for that. I can't believe we are half way though another lockdown. I do really hope you are all doing really well and relaxing and working on yourselves. I can't wait to share with you some new content coming very soon, but to start with of course I had to share with you all my new favourite additions to my wardrobe.

I have fallen in love with the autumnal colour palette of creams, chocolate browns, nudes and burnt orange and have found they have joined by wardrobe so well and go with so many of the pieces I already had. If you have been following me for a while now, you will know I very much so wear my clothes a helming of a lot and rarely actually go on a big shopping spree, but this autumn I thought I would treat myself to some new boots and a few new dresses. And of course some things that were going to keep me cosy in lockdown.

1. Shein Knee High crock boots 

These new Shein brown knee high boots are just my new favourite thing. I have seen so many amazing pairs of these floating around on Instagram but I finally found a pair that were affordable with a heel height that wasn't too high. I had seen a pair on asos that were beautiful, however, they were a stiletto heal and quite high and I just new they may be a little uncomfortable and I wanted something I could throw on for a day shopping around town. These ones only cost me £30 which I thought was a bit of a bargain too...

Click HERE to shop the brown boots 

2. PLT Nude dress 

This beautiful dress I got from PLT goes perfectly with the brown Knee high boots, I just absolutely love the look of the two paired together. The quality of the material of the dress is actually so cosy and thought it would be a perfect dress to throw on in lockdown if I was feeling a little extra and not wanting to wear joggers. I also love the little frill detailing around the hem, it just makes it look that little bit more feminine and suitable for my style. 

Click HERE to shop the PLT dress 

3. Zara Chunky black boots 

These Zara boots are quite possibly one of the most 'out there' pieces I have ever had in my wardrobe, especially for my style. I always really didn't like the style of Doc Martins and never thought I would hop on board the chunky boot trend, but the more I saw people on Instagram styling them, the more I kind of fell in love with them. And THEN, I found these ones on Zara that had pearl embellishment on the side and just thought the pearls really made them a little more me. These were only £39.99, which for a boot like this, I thought was really good value. I styled them with the pLT dress too and thought they looked lovely a little more feminine paired with a little dress. 

Click HERE to shop the Zara Boots. 

I hope you loved the new additions to my wardrobe as much as I do, look out for some festive content coming soon yay...

Cristy N 

x x x 

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