How to Wrap your Gifts this Christmas...

9 Dec 2018

Hello everyone,

Today I finally wrapped my Christmas gifts and I was so excited to finally do so, after days of searching for some gold tags to go with my wrapping paper. I absolutely love wrapping and always want to make my presents for my family look really special. I searched around Homesense, Tk Max, Wilko's and Poundland to find some pieces to go onto my gifts. I managed to find some amazing bits and for such an affordable price too. 

Now you are probably wondering where this gorgeous Nutcracker wrapping paper is from, and I actually found it in TK Max. It was the only one I could see and I just new I had to get it because the colours are just beautiful. This cost £3.99, which for wrapping paper is more on the pricey side but I just could not resist because it is so beautiful. I then got some gold ribbon and bows from Wilko's, which only cost £1 for 3 rolls and 6 ribbons. And to add a little special something to make the gifts look evening more sparkly and special, I found these little mini gold baubles also from Wilko's.  I then searched around for ages trying to find some gold tags and got these ones from WH Smith for just £1.50. There are so many amazing gift accessories out there, you just need to ave a little look around...

1. Find an eye catching wrapping paper...

As soon as I saw this wrapping paper I just new it would be perfect for my gifts. This one was pretty strong and proved a little more difficult to work with as it was so stiff, so a thin paper is always better if you struggle a little with wrapping, especially awkward shaped gifts.

2. Co ordinate with marching ribbon and bows

I always love to match the bows and ribbon to the coloured sparkle on the wrapping paper. I find gold always compliments pink so well so decided this would look best. If you struggle with the ribbon around the gift, just secure it into place with some tape and it will be less likely to move about. I also love to add a little more ribbon through and curl with the scissors. 

3. Add some little accessories

Adding a little accessory such as a small bauble to a gift makes it that more special. Wilkinson's do amazing bits like this and you could probably find some things at your local Christmas market. Even going to the Range and having a look at the tree decorations they have to offer, as they would look great on the gifts too. I also made some hand made pom poms. I think hand made accessorise always look so nice added onto a gift as it gives it that hand made feel. Please let me know if you would like to see a blog post all about how I made these cute little Christmas pompoms. I also think its great to co ordinate the name tags to your colour scheme also. 

4.  Add a little treat inside your Christmas card

Everyone loves a bit of chocolate around Christmas time, so what better way to surprise someone, than putting a little chocolate coin inside their Christmas card. I got these for just 50p in Wilkinsons and they just add a little something to your Christmas cards. 

I really hope you enjoyed this post, see you next time for some more festivities...

Cristy N x x x 

A very Girly Christmas Gift Guide...

28 Nov 2018

Hello everyone,

I honestly can not believe its time for Christmas posts again, I am so so excited and can not wait to share with you all some festive posts. Today I am sharing with you some gift ideas for Mum, Nans, Sisters and friends at a range of different prices as I know some enjoy a bit of Luxury and affordable items. I personally stick to a tight budget when I am buying Christmas gifts for the family, as I have quite a few to buy for, However, if you enjoy splurging a little then this gift guide will be great for you. I have also included some affordable pieces from Jewellery Box, they have such amazing quality jewellery for such great prices. So I really hope you enjoy and I hope the post helps you out on your gift purchases this Christmas...

1. Something Sparkly yet affordable 

 I recently discovered this amazing jewellery brand for affordable jewellery pieces and they kindly allowed me to chose a couple of things, which I am forever gatefold for. I received some of their pieces back in the summer and wrote a blog post dedicated to their pieces, which you can read here. I love that you can get such beautiful, high quality pieces of jewellery for such an affordable price. I kindly received this amazing heart bracelet, a cross over ring and an initial necklace. I think that the initial necklace would make a great gift for someone who loves small, dainty jewellery pieces and makes it extra special being personalised. The bracelet is another great gift idea as it goes with absolutely everything and you could even pair this with other coloured jewellery and it still looks amazing! I also love the little box it comes in and also saves on the wrapping time of your gifts.

2. Something sparkly and luxurious 

I absolutely love Pandora, and I think its the best place to go for a luxurious gift for someone. They offer so many amazing jewellery pieces, from bracelets and necklaces to charms and rings. I think the packaging also gives it such a lovely touch as again, there is no need for wrapping. If you take a look in the catalogue, you can find some great things that are actually not badly priced. I would highly recommend one of the charm bracelets. The one I have here is the bracelet with the pull tie, now I love this one because you can wear it with or without the charms and it makes your outfit look so much more put together and as though you have made an effort. At just £55, I think this would make the perfect gift.

3. A Stocking filler sized Beauty Product

Another great gift or stocking filler intact, would be a miniature beauty product. When I went to Venice, I went to Sephora for the first time and picked out this little miniature Nars Duo. Its great because it allows you to try out the product and see if you like it (which I'm sure they will) and also only costs around £20. For such a luxurious product, I'm sure anyone would love to receive this to add to their make up collection. I believe Space Nk, John Lewis and Selfridges do amazing miniature luxury make up items too. 

4. A set of silk Pyjamas

I think this one is a given at Christmas time, I think everyone and their dogs mum has a new pair of pyjamas at Christmas. Silk pj's are always a great idea because they have that luxurious feel and you can get these for such affordable prices too. They also look absolutely adorable and the most comfiest things to sleep in ever. If you are looking for an affordable pair, I believe do some for just under £20 and for that luxury pair, you could always take a trip down to Victoria Secret if you really want to treat someone.

5. A pair of cosy slippers

Now some may find this one a little boring, but personally I love a nice pair of cosy slippers. These ones from New Look are so cosy and I love the fact they are pink and fluffy. A really nice pair of slippers would be great for anyone but especially for Nan, I know my Nanny would absolutely love a cosy pair of slippers. You could even take a look in The White Company if you are looking for that really special pair. 

6. A new perfume or body scent

I think a great gift for someone perhaps a little younger would be a body spray. Victoria Secret do so many different scents that everyone would love and for a great price too. I purchased mine in Venice, so was a little cheaper but you can always find some great deals on them. Even a Victoria Secret Perfume would be great for someone who is a big fan of Victoria Secret. Some of their fashion show merchandise range would be another great gift...

Thankyou so much for reading, I really hope this post has helped you along your festive gift shopping and I hope you enjoy the festive period...

Cristy x x x 

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