A Guide To visiting Venice- Travel Diaries

17 Mar 2019

Hello everyone,

I have been wanting to share with you my tips/ guide to visiting Venice for a while now. I did share a few photos from the trip a while back on my blog, however I didn't really go into too much detail. But I thought it would be a great idea to share with you a little travel log/guide every time I go on a trip and make this like a little series, which I think I am going to call 'Travel Diaries'. I really hope these help you and give you some useful tips if you are planing a trip to Venice...

1. Plan your Route 

Now this is one of the major tips I would definitely reccomened doing. Venice has so many side streets and narrow walk ways that all look very similar, so myself and sam had to use our phones a lot to navigate our way around. I would suggest having your phone fully charged just in case you get lost or can't find your way back to your accommodation. Planning your route would also be another great way to not get lost in the side streets, make a little plan of where you want to go, how long it takes and take a little look at the route, this will make it so much easier.

2.  Plan your spending funds

This is one way that you can save money and also make sure you don't over spend. Venice is often seen to be very expensive, which it definitely can be. However, it depends on where abouts you decide to eat. The closer you are to San Marco Square, the more expensive it can be. However, if you find some places/ restaurants down the side streets, they can actually be relatively well priced and you will find you are not spending too much money. Giving your self an allowance a day will definitely make it easier to not spend too much money. I would reccomened 50 Euros a day, for Breakfast, lunch and dinner, and possibly coffee and cake included in this. However, if you plan to go on a Gondola ride, I would definitely plan a little more. 

3.  Walk Everywhere

Now there is an opportunity to get the water taxis, However, myself and Sam found it easiest to walk everywhere. This was what worked for us as often you would have to wait for the water taxis to arrive which could mean you are waiting around when you could actually just use this time to walk to your destination. It is surprising how quickly it takes to walk to where you want to go. I wouldn't advice getting the water taxi's unless you can afford it or you need the service. Also, if you are walking everywhere, definitely wear comfortable shoes, I wore sandals and these proved to be quite comfortable

4. Treat yourself

If you are travelling to Venice, I would 100% reccomened to treat yourself, maybe just one night for a nice meal with beautiful views. Myself and Sam had a wonderful meal on our first night over looking the Rialto Bridge, which is one of the oldest bridges in Venice, the Gondolas were riding past on the grand canal and it was just a beautiful moment, I had honestly never experienced anything like it. I would definitely recommend treating yourself one night. 

5. Be weary and Look on Trip Advisor before you eat

Now your probably wondering why on earth this is one of my tips. This may not apply to everyone who has visited Venice, however myself and Sam encountered a little trouble which I wanted to share with you just to make those aware. We ordered fish from the specials board which we believed to be around 12 euros, however, the bill came and it was 66 euros just for Sam's fish. We did not see that on the specials board it said per pound, so be careful that you may have added extras onto your bill when you eat, including bread, olives and service charge. I 1000000% would say to look on trip advisor before you eat anywhere, myself and Sam made this mistake and went to this restaurant without looking it up first, and it turns out it is one of the worst restaurants in Venice. 

If you would like to read our review/ what happened, you can read it HERE...

6. Ride A gondola

This is one thing myself and Sam did not get round to doing, which I really wish we had done, and to be honest this was me being my indecisive self. If I were to go again I would 100% go on a gondola. They are pretty expensive but it is so worth the money and you can also share with other people to make it cheaper. But it would be such a magical experience and I would highly reccomened doing it.

I really hope you enjoyed this first edition of the Travel Diaries, myself and Sam had the best time in Venice and I would highly reccomened visiting as it is just a beautiful experience, unlike anything I have experienced before...

See you next time

Cristy N 

x x x 

How to prepare your wardrobe for Spring...

12 Mar 2019

Hello everyone,

I don't know about you but I am 100% ready for Spring and the sunshine to come back. The little bit of sunshine we had a couple of weeks ago has me longing for summer and sun. So as the weather of course isn't that great at the moment, I thought why not share with you my top tips on how to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring and how to dress suitably for the current season. 

1. Add pastel shades back into your wardrobe

This would be one of my top tips on how to get your wardrobe ready for spring. I absolutely love pastel colours and they just scream Spring. my favourite of course is pink, however, pastel yellow has been a trend I have really wanted to try out this spring. I have seen that Primark are doing a really cute little pastel yellow denim skirt, which would look perfect for easter time. I am also loving pastel blues. These look so chic and I just love how they go so well with any outfit.

2. Put your jeans and boots away and bring out the trousers  

Now I definitely still love to wear jeans in spring, however, to change things up a little, I love to wear comfy trousers. I love culottes or long flare trousers that really elongate your legs and just look really flattering around your bum. These ones were just £7.50 from I saw it First and I wear them all the time when the weather is a little warmer, with jumpers, t-shirts, they just go with everything. 

3. Bring out your spring accessories

I love accessorising, but especially in the spring/summer. I love getting out the colourful bags, especially this one that I own from Topshop. I find Topshop always have such affordable yet great quality bags. I am loving the mint green bag they have in there at the moment, it is just so cute.I feel like a new bag can be a great addition to your spring Wardrobe. I also am loving the pearl/ shell trend at the moment. They look so cute and are just beautiful and make your outfits look so summery. 

4. Choose a great pair of sunglasses.

If you are looking for an affordable pair of sunglasses, Primark is a great place to start. If you are looking to try out a new trend, I always reccomened purchasing a cheaper pair and then if you love the style, then possibly look into an investment piece. These ones I have on are from Primark and were just £2. I really wanted to try the cat eye look, but without spending too much. I feel like sunglasses are an essential piece for your spring wardrobe. 

5. Add a little Broderie into your wardrobe

Broderie is one of my absolute favourite trends right now. In fact, I wouldn't say it is a trend, i feel like its just an all time classic piece for spring and summer. There are so many lovely pieces on the high street at the moment, especially Asos. I was watching one of Josie's Videos the other day over on Fashion Mumblr and she had some beautiful Broderie pieces from Asos. 

I really hope this post helped you! See You next time...

Cristy N 

x x x 
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