How To stay Stylish yet Warm in the Colder Months...

3 Feb 2019

Hello everyone,

Today I thought I would share with you my top tips on how to stay stylish when its cold. I always feel like I have to layer up in the winter and can often get caught up in just making sure I am warm. It is often a struggle to actually make a warm outfit look great, so I thought what a fitting post considering the weather we have been having recently in the UK. I really hope these help you out and give you some inspiration for some cosy yet stylish winter outfits for when its freezing outside. 

1. Find a warm, cosy Coat

Now of course the coat is going to be the statement piece in your outfit, as it is usually always a necessary piece when its cold outside. I must admit I have an array of coats and my mum would probably tell you I have too many. However, I always seem to find I have a coat for every occasion. I would highly recommend a fur coat or a teddy coat. Now I don't actually own a teddy coat, however, from all the photos on Insta I have seen, they always look amazing. Even throwing one on over the top of a really cosy outfit can make it look like you have put so much effort into your outfit. A fur coat can always make an outfit look amazing, and you can get some for amazing prices if you look really hard. I found mine in the Oasis sale for just £27, but I know sites like Pretty Little Thing and even Topshop do amazing ones.

2.  Layer Up

This is one thing that I have been really enjoying doing recently, which is layering up my clothes. Thermals are always a good idea as they tend to be incredibly thin, meaning they can go under almost any outfit and not ruin the look you are going for. However, I have just been using a pink roll neck bodysuit instead of a thermal. I got mine from I saw It First for just £6 in the sale and I pop this on underneath any larger jumper I decide to wear that day. For example, my Topshop cream roll neck is pretty roomy, meaning my arms always get really cold, so layering up and popping a top on underneath means I feel that little bit warmer, but it still does not ruin the look. I also tend to wear tights underneath my jeans or leggings if it is freezing just to give me that extra layer of warmth. 

3.  Choose an eye catching bag

Even when its cold or even snowing I still love to wear a cute little across body bag. I feel like a bag always makes your outfit look amazing and like you have put the effort into the look. So even if you are wearing a a casual look, the bag can make all the difference. I always tend to go for my Carvella cream across body, as it has a little bit of sparkle on it buts still looks stylish.

4. Add a cute knit accessory 

For me I feel like I always need to keep my neck warm, so when I am not wearing a roll neck I love to pop on a scarf. I actually got this one from Primark for just £2. I could not believe it was so cheap and the quality of it is amazing and it keeps me so warm. I feel like because it has a lovely print and of course its pink, I feel like it makes any outfit look so cute. I also love wearing a cute hat. Now my favourite to wear are probably bobble hats. This one I think is from a Christmas market, and it is actually my mums so I am unsure where its from, but you can get so many cute ones, especially in Primark. I also got a really cute pair of gloves for just £1 in Primark and you would never have guessed they were from Primark.

5. Sunnies

I always think sunglasses can make your outfit look 10 times better. I love putting on a pair of sunnies that look chic to make the look that little more put together. I found mine in Primark, again a bloomin bargain, for just £2. I love the cat eye look and feel like they look so lovely with any look, especially a cute fur coat. Primark have so many amazing sunglasses at the moment, of course they may not last you a lifetime but the solid black framed ones always last really well.

I really hope you enjoyed this post!! See you next time...

Cristy N 

x x x 

Celebrating Sam's 21'st Birthday...

24 Jan 2019

Hello everyone,

So the weekend just gone, we celebrated Sam's 21st birthday, and I thought I would share with you some of the photos I took and the food we ate, as there was so much food consumed this weekend. I think its safe to say, Sam had a lovely birthday weekend...

On Friday, myself and Sam got the train down to Nottingham. Now A lot of people always think I am from Nottingham, but it is in fact my last name, and I actually had an invite from a Pizza restaurant called Pizza Storm, asking if I wanted to go and try out their pizza with a plus one. I honestly could not believe they had invited me, its so crazy. So this was one of the reasons Sam chose to go to Nottingham, as he is incredibly supportive of the blog. But before we went for dinner, we of course had to stop of for some lunch, so we decided to go to the Red dog saloon for some burgers and nachos, and it was honestly amazing.

We then went and did a little shopping and I must say the shopping in Nottingham is amazing. We then got ready to head out for dinner at Pizza Storm. If you are interested in what the experience was like and if the food was any good, there will be a blogpost coming soon, all about Pizza Storm.

The next day we the went to breakfast, I had heard many good things about the Pudding Pantry, so we decided to eat there. They did some crazy shakes and amazing pancakes and the cake looked incredible, but me and Sam both went for the avocado on toast with roasted tomatoes. It was really yummy but I must say, I think it hasn't beaten the Bottle Of Sauce avo on toast. I had a chai latte, which was different but actually really yummy, and sam had the most amazing green smoothing, which reminded me of the papaya smoothie from Wholefoods which I used to love.

We then did a little more shopping and got the train home at around 12:15. Both Sam and I love exploring new places and I am glad we chose Nottingham, the food was great and the shopping was amazing.

In the evening, we then went for even more food at a local Italian restaurant, Gianni's, which I must say is probably one of the best places to eat in Cheltenham. I had chicken in a creamy mushroom sauce, with asparagus, vegetables and roasted potatoes. Sam had the steak which I have also tried before and its incredible. We then had some birthday cake and went home and chilled out ad watched a movie.

And then finally on Sunday, myself, Sam and his family went for a birthday breakfast at the Bottle of Sauce, which is another great place to eat. I had the avocado on toast, as you can see I clearly can't get enough of the avo on toast LOL. The food was amazing. We then had a little look around town and came home and celebrated Sam's birthday at is family friends home and ate even more great food. So all in all it was one foody weekend.

If you are reading this Sam, I hope you had the best 21s, and I hope everyone enjoyed this post and all the food pics,

See you next time...

Cristy N 

x x x 

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