My First Blogger Event in London with Garnier*...

27 Jan 2020

Hello everyone,

Last thursday I was lucky enough to attend Garnier's Street Market blogger event. I truly felt so blessed to be in a room full of so many amazing people who all enjoy what I love... this was actually my first ever blogger event I have been to in London, which is so crazy and i will always remember this one. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Garnier for inviting me, myself and Sam had an amazing time and we felt truly blessed to have been invited.

I absolutely loved the idea behind this event as it was almost like attending a little street market to do your food shop. We were invited to have a look around at their new launches for 2020 and to also do our very own organic food shop. Myself and Sam thoroughly love food shopping and we are almost always in Lidl, so to be able to go and do our food shop with organic food at this little make shift market was so lovely. 

Of  course we enjoyed some prosecco on our way around the stands, but they had so many cute little stands, from a little Parisian cafe, to a bakery, vegetable stall, salad bar and sweet shop. They also had the most beautiful flower display which we were actually able to have some flowers and they were so beautiful. There was also a lady drawing illustrations which so incredible to watch. 

We also got to see some new launches and some existing products such as the New Rose Garnier micellar water. We all know how much I love the original micellar water, so to see a rose version, I can not wait to try it. There was also their Lavender night cream which is amazing as its a beautiful lilac colour, which of course is always a bonus. 

It was so surreal to see so many people who i have followed on Instagram and seeing them in real life, it was truly amazing and it was so so special. We were also given an amazing goodie bag, so look out for a blog post very soon all about the goodies I will be trying and testing out. 

I really hope you enjoyed, See you soon!

Cristy N 

x x x 

My Top 5 Favourite Coffee spots in Cheltenham...

17 Jan 2020

Hello everyone,

Today I thought I would share with you some of my favourite spots for coffee in Cheltenham. Recently there have been so many more lovely spots appearing in cheltenham that are just wonderful places to go for coffee, cake or lunch and I thought why not share them with you, if you are ever taking a visit to Cheltenham I would highly reccomened stopping by these places. If you know me, you know you'll always find me in a coffee shop eating cake and myself and Sam love discovering new places to go for our weekly Sunday coffee. 

1. Botanica Coffee Kitchen 

Now this is one of my favourite places to go in Cheltenham for coffee as it is absolutely beautiful. If you love marble, pink and plants, you will love this place. It has such a relaxed vibe about it and is such a lovely place to go for a birthday or a special occasion. This is also out of town so you do not have to pay for parking which is always a bonus, and I believe they are also opening another shop near cheltenham train station soon which is also very exciting. They do the most incredible avocado on toast and the most beautiful pink latte, and I think you will be so shocked how good the prices are too. They also do an incredible array of cakes too which are also amazing. This is a great place to come and social but also a lovely working environment for those who like to work and plan in coffee shops.

2. NR Social

Now this is probably Sams favourite spot to go in cheltenham as it is definitely more rustic and more his vibe. They do absolutely incredible coffee and their food is quite possibly the best we have ever tried. If you are looking for healthy but incredibly tasty breakfasts and lunches, I would definitely reccomened here. They offer vegan options too so cater for everyones needs and again it is a lovely place to go and socialise but also a great place to work. We find most of our work gets done here as its such a calm working environment.  I would also highly reccomened their chai latte as its the best one I have tried in cheltenham. 

3. The Coffee Dispensary

This is somewhere that I really need to go more often as they do amazing coffee and cake. But this is another great place to go for coffee and cake, they do amazing coffee, one of the best in cheltenham and they always have an amazing selection of brownies. This is more of a place for coffee and cake as I believe they don't actually do food, its just more of a coffee house and its a great place to go to for take away coffee too, if you like to try new places and not always go to Starbucks or Cafe Nero.

4. The Find 

This is another great place to stop by if you are after a coffee shop for a catch up with friends. They have such a cosy vibe and they have different rooms to fit your needs. So the front room on the first floor is for more a sit down meal/lunch and then the back room is great if your going for a coffee and catch up with friends as its a little more relaxed and communal. Myself and sam did used to do a lot of work here but I'd say its more of a relaxed vibe and at the weekend I wouldn't really say its a place to work more of a casual catch up spot. They also do great breakfasts too and I would highly recommend their sausage bap.

5. Court Farm Shop 

Now I wouldn't actually say this is a coffee spot this is more for their amazing breakfasts. This is located out on the way to Stoke Orchard i believe and is more in the countryside, however if you are ever driving by I would definitely pop in. its a lovely local farm shop that sells amazing organic produce and the also have a deli at the back of the shop that sells all sorts of lunch items. Their sausage and egg bap is absolutely unreal and I was so surprised at how amazing their food is. They also have a little hut outside where you can sit and look out over Cleeve hill and the fields and its just beautiful. 

I really hope this post helped you, see you next time

Cristy N

x x x 

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