My Skincare Favourite and tips for glowing clear skin*....

3 Aug 2020

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing well, today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite skincare products that I have been using this summer that I find have worked really well with my skin. it's safe to say that the best way I have found to keep your skin clear is deffinitely drinking lots of water and not wearing foundation. I always seem to see such a difference in my skin when I do not wear foundation or much make up on my face. In the summer I don't like having too much make up on my face anyway so the summer time is the perfect time for me to try and clear up my skin. My skin isn't necessarily sensitive or too oily so for me, I love trying new products and seeing if they work for my skin... So here are some products that I have been loving recently and incorporated within my summer skincare routine...

How to get your skin glowing 

 If you want glowing skin, I find using A heavy duty moisteriser a great way to get your skin glowing. Of course this is great if you have dry skin and I would definitely say my skin is more dry than it is oily so for me I love to use a pretty heavy moisteriser. one of my favourites is the Garnier Lavender cream*, this one is of course affordable and perfect for my skin. I find it so nourishing and really helps with the dry areas I get on my face and I love using this in the morning and before bed. 

Although I do love a heavy duty moisteriser I do also love a water based moisteriser for the day time and especially in summer. I love this Antipodes Baptise H20 hydrating water based moisteriser , this one is perfect if you have spent a day at the beach and in need of a moisteriser to cool your face down and bring a little life back into your skin. I love how easy and light this moisteriser is and I like how easy it is to apply to your skin if you are out and about. This one of course is a little more pricey than the Garnier one however, it is a great product and worked very well on my skin type.It also makes your skin glow as it is a water based moisteriser so makes your skin look so so healthy. 

Keep it minimal

I deffinitely would say I like to use only a few products on my skin at a time, I know that a lot of people have about 8-10 steps in their skincare routine but I like to keep it minimal and as little products as possible as I find the more products I use on my skin the more I break out and then you have no idea which product has caused you to break out. So, I like to keep it minimal maybe 4 products in the morning and 4 or more at night. I like to of course make up remove and face wash, tone, moisturise and then eye cream. One of my favourite toners is the Galinee Face vinegar. Whenever I wash my face or remove my make up with micellar water or a cleanser I will 99.9% of the time have make up or dirt left on my face, so I will pop some of this toner onto a cotton pad and just wipe it over my face to give it a little extra clean. This one actually does smell a little vinegary but for me I like that because that means it is a little more natural which is always a bonus.

I also love the Galinee foaming facial cleanser. I love a light facial wash for the morning and this one was so refreshing and perfect for a light wash of your face in the morning. I have had this one for about 5 months now so I can assure you it has been tried and tested to the max and is pretty much empty, so you can tell that I do love it. 

Bronze up 

This is one thing I LOVE to do. I love to try out new face tans and bronzers so I don't have to wear too much make up. If you are wanting to clear up your skin, the best way is to stop wearing foundation and find a face tan that you love and works for you. I always find having a tanned face can make me feel 100000x better, even if I have a few spots or red areas, having a tanned face can make me feel like they are almost unnoticeable. Some of my favourites have been the Garnier Ambre solace face spray tan. This one for me is one of my top 10 maybe even top 5 products, it is absolutely amazing and works so well on my skin, it doesn't break me out and gives me an instant sun kissed look over night. I also have tried the skinny tan face oil however, I would say the garner one does give more of an overall better tan.

Of course sunshine is another great way for tanning your face and getting rid of your spots, however, I wouldn't say you should keep your face in the sun too long as this can have more negative long lasting effects...

I really hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much to the brands mentioned for sending me over these wonderful products. See you soon...

Cristy N 

x x x x

A weekend Away in Newquay...

21 Jul 2020

Hello everyone,

A very long time no speak which I can only apologise for. Life has been slow getting back to normal, which I must say I am very happy about. This meant I was able to travel on down to my favourite place and have a little mini break with Sam and some of our friends. I thought I would share with you some of these cute little snaps I took. I honestly an not tell how much I did not want to come home, so much so we were incredibly tempted to stay longer, but I am hoping we can make it down there one last time before summer is over. 

We stayed in a lovely air b and b called 'Lazy Days' which I would highly recomened, if you are looking for a lovely little home for the week that is close to pretty much the beach, town and harbour do give this place a look as it was ideal.  We were pretty lucky with the weather and it only drizzled on the first day for a short while. But the rest of the weekend was just beautiful and I must say a Cornish sunset is one of the best. I'm not really too sure why I love Newquay so much but I think I just enjoy the lifestyle and how relaxed everyone is and everyone is just 10000x more friendly by the sea. Being a town gal, I would definitely say the beach life is more for me. 

Newquay in the sunshine is just beautiful and the beaches are just incredible! my favourite beach is of course Lusty glaze but unfortunately it was shut so we spent the weekend down on Fistral. Honestly the water was so clear and you could litterally see the bottom of the sea bed which is quite rare in the UK. The best ice cream ever was also purchased on Fistral so I highly recommended getting down there and getting yourself a Cornish fudge ice cream or Mango and passionfruit sorbet because It is UNREAL. 

The harbour is also beautiful and one of my mum's favourite places to go, she always says how much she wants to live down by the harbour so she can walk Milo every morning down there. It is honestly beautiful and makes a lovely morning walk, especially in the sunshine. You can also sometimes see the little sea lion that comes into the harbour for fish from the boats which is so lovely. 

It was so lovely to get away, but so sad to leave too, I could have honestly stayed here for another month. But if you do end up going down to Newquay, I would highly recommend, it such a beautiful place and the people are just wonderful humans.

Thankyou so much for reading, see you soon!

Cristy N 

x x x 

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