Evening Relaxations

9 Jan 2014

Hello everyone, its usually very unusual for me to be blogging on a Thursday night but I was in a blogging mood and wanted to share with you what I sometimes do in the evening. If I have a lot of homework, I usually get it done first so I can look forward to doing anything and relaxing in the evening. 

I nearly always burn my Yankee candle in the scent Vanilla Cupcake and because it is in a jar it just makes it even more handy.Having the candle in the jar is always good because they are much safer than small tea lights because once you are finished with it you just put the lid on and it goes out so you dont have the smell of smoke wafting around the room.I got mine from Clintons for £4.99 when they were having 50% off but it is usually around £9.99.

I really recommend reading the Company magazine because its such a good read if you are into fashion and beauty blogging. There are a lot of good tips for blogging in this magazine and there are also really good outfit ideas, ranging from high street and designer.It is usually £2.50 but sometimes its on a special offer and you can also subscribe for around £20 I believe. One of my New Years Resolutions is to try and buy the Company magazine every month.

Painting your nails is always a good way to relax (but it can get quite stressful when they smudge-urg). But I really love this Barry M nail polish from their Matte range and its in the shade Vanilla. Its also really good for school because it looks really natural and because it is matte it doesn't look so obvious.You can get this in Boots or Superdrug for around £3.99.

I usually use Lush's Snow Fairy in the shower as its such a good shower gel.This is the first ever time I have used snow fairy because this is the first year I have been into buying things from Lush. It smells so good, im not very good at describing scents but if I could-it smells like those pink and blue fizz bottles! Its also glittery and I got his for half price in the boxing day sales for £3.40 but unfortunately they only do this at Christmas time!

I dont usually use the Soap and Glory 'scrub your nose n it' every single day because I dont think it would be very good for my skin but I like to use this 1-2 times a week. Its just a face scrub/mask, and its very refreshing because it smells minty so makes your face feel cool and fresh. Im not too sure how much tis product is because I got it quite a while ago but im sure you could find it on the boots website or in store.

The last thing I do is nearly every night, check my instagram. I think I may be addicted ! But its such a good app, as I have said in a previous post but its probably my favorite social media app. I love taking photos so its great if you are into photography because you can post them on there.

I hope this blog post helped you and thankyou for reading!


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