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16 Jan 2014

Hello everyone, I thought I would do a hair care post for you today, as I thought it would be something a little different and hopefully help you if you have split ends,dry hair or wanting your hair to grow quicker!
So I know that a lot of people get split ends and then ends of the hair can be dry at times so the first thing I usually do is have a trim because this gets rid of most of the split ends and it surprisingly helps your hair to grow better and more quickly.If you are still suffering with dry ends I would defiantly recommend using an oil. Moroccan Oil is one of the most popular oils for your hair and it is around the £28 mark, which is quite expensive but it does work very well and does renew the ends of your hair. But if you don't want to spend too much then I would defiantly suggest using the Moroccan Argon Oil which you can get in any drugstore for £7.99 and it works in  exactly the same way as the Moroccan oil. You  just rub it through the ends of your hair, when it is wet or dry, but I would probably apply it wen wet so it drys whilst your hair is drying and doesn't look greasy. Make sure you don't apply it too the roots otherwise it will make your hair greasy and no one wants greasy roots.
Another oil I really love is the Hask Argon Oil and you can buy this in primark for £2.50, which is really affordable for an oil. It works just as well as both the other oils but just a lot cheaper.
A lot of people will straighten their hair when it goes frizzy but another tip would be is to not use heat on your hair because heat from hair dryers, straighteners and any kind of curling devices, can damage your hair and leave it feeling very dry. So instead you could use a cream that prevents frizz. I would recommend  the L'oreal gleam cream as it calms down frizzy hair and drys really nicely and doesn't make your hair look greasy. I think this is about £4.99 and you can get it from any drugstore or supermarket.
It can be quite tough trying to brush/comb your hair when you have just got out the shower and its very wet and tangled, but using a leave-in conditioner makes it a lot easier. I use the Aussie miracle hair insurance leave in conditioner and it does the job really well and de-tangles my hair leaving it easier to brush.
If you do find it hard to use a normal brush whilst trying to de-tangle wet hair then I would recommend a Tangle Teaser.The different styles vary from around £10.99-£12.99 depending on which colour or shape but they are very good for brushing wet hair because it doesn't pull your hair and doesn't hurt  or tug on any tangles. I wouldn't suggest using them on dry hair because ut can make your roots look a little greasy but I do use it when I know I am going to wash my hair. 

I hope this post helped you in any way, and also don't forget we all have different hair types,some people have fast growing hair and some have slow, some have curly and some have straight so not all products will work on everyone. Also, Im not a hairdresser but I thought I would share with you what I do to help my hair  grow or avoid dryness. Thankyou very much for reading!

Cristy x x  

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