The £6 skater

20 Jul 2014

Hello everyone! so a couple of months back I went shopping for some new summer clothes and found this amazing skirt from h&m, now I must admit, im not too keen on h&m purley because I can never find anything I like, bar this skirt! But other than that, on an odd occasion i will find somthing that i really like. They also do this in a polka dot pattern but I went for this one seeing as its floral and as we all know, if you follow my instagram, im all about that floral pattern! this was only £6 which I thought was a very good bargain.Its also really comfy which is a bonus!

nails-maybelline super stay~mint for life 


  1. I love skater skirts and this one is so cute! I actually love H&M, although it is true that I'm finding it harder to find things I like...

    xx, Be


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