Sun Kissed Summer Glow

7 Aug 2014

Hello everyone, today's post is actually a collaboration with the lovely Anya I absolutely love her blog and if you love fashion then you should defiantly go over to Anya's blog and follow her on bloglovin. We decided to do a summer themed post all about the products we use and recommend to get the perfect sun kissed summer glow.

I don't tend to wear any fake tan in the summer because I prefer to let the sun do its thing, obviously i wear SPF and don't stay out in it too long but i feel like fake tanning is an extra step in my morning/evening routine. However, for special occasions I will use instant tan. I used the st moriz tanning mouse for my prom back in May and it gave a really nice, even tan on my skin. I applied it 3 days before each day running up to the prom day and I felt I could get used to it and I could also build it up. 

As an easier alternative, tinted moisturizers are always a great option for self tanning, as its easy, quick and gives a subtle natural glow to your skin. Because its a moisturizer there are no extra steps to your morning/evening routine which is a bonus, however you have to work quickly so it doesn't leave streaky patches on the skin.

As for make up, I tend to wear a very minimal amount in the summer because the sun is out and the sun and fresh air is always great for clearing up the skin.So I just use a moisturizer, one with SPF in is even better so you are protecting your skin. I tend to avoid the foundation and concealer too, unless its a special occasion and I stick with the blush and bronzers. The elf contour kit in st lucia  is a great product as its a duo, great for travel, and it gives a nice subtle glow and contours really well.However if you are looking for a matte bronzer then I would suggest nyc smooth skin bronzer that gives a matte finish.

  Here are Anya's top picks for a sun kissed summer glow.

My skin and makeup regime from winter to summer doesn’t particularly change, however being a natural milk bottle with no prospect of gaining a natural tan whatsoever, (probably even if I was sitting in a 100C oven), I am partial to using self tanning products to achieve that sun-kissed glow. Being tanned makes many women feel happier, brighter and often thinner. Everyone loves a little bit of colour in the summer months to match those gorgeous warm colour schemes and tropical prints! Since discovering the delights of tanning I have sampled a wide selection of products, ranging from rather expensive to pretty cheap, as well as sometimes turning to professional spray tans for special occasions. As I am naturally so pale I usually choose a light-medium colour when buying tanning product to make sure it looks relatively natural. I have found a couple of favourites, settling with Soltan’s ‘Beautiful Bronze’ from Boots in a light-medium mousse for my holiday this August when I forgot my other favourite selection, which is called ‘Body Drench Quick Tan’ in medium - dark. I use the Soltan tanning mitt, which applies it evenly without streaks or patches. Its also a very natural colour, as previous products I have tried were quite orange. I would definitely recommend both products - I forgot to bring the body drench product on my holiday which drew me to buy the Soltan; it wasn’t a mistake!

Makeup-wise, I am definitely a Bobbi Brown girl, as most of my makeup is Bobbi, with the exception of a few products. In the summer I use more bronzer to match my face to my skin, but to save caking the layers of makeup onto my face, in addition I also apply ‘Self Tanning hydrating facial skin care’ by Sisley before I sleep to boost my facial tan. My natural foundation when I am pale is Bobbi Brown’s Skin foundation in Porcelein. So you can imagine the shop assistant’s face when I ask for this shade when a bronzed girl is standing in front of her! I also use Bobbi’s bronze powder in Aruba, with my blusher being a pinker shade of bronzer, in Antigua, as it suits my skin tone better. To minimise the chances of oily looking skin in the eye area, I also use MAC’s sheer face powder in their lightest shade. I use less eye makeup during the day in summer to achieve a more natural look, however I always keep up my eyeliner flicks - using Rimmel London’s ‘exaggerate’ waterproof liquid eyeliner in glossy black. Its always nicer to wear minimal makeup in the summer - I often find you end up with less on your face in the heat anyway!



Thankyou so much to Anya for writing this article for my blog, it was great fun collaborating with her. Make sure you go and take a look at her blog and maybe giver her a follow. Thankyou for reading!

Written By Cristy and Anya!


  1. This is such a good collaboration, I love your Elf make up brush. I'm a Zoeva user, although its a bit pricey it is a good quality! Loved this post :)

    Rebecca | Blog

    1. thankyou! i would love to try the zoeva brushes in the near future xx


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