Christmas Lush Haul

28 Dec 2014


Hello everyone, todays post is another lush Haul. I know I have only really just done one of these, but since then I have brought a couple more and been given them as gifts. I went into lush a while back and picked up the butter bear and a couple of others that have now been used. I then had some bath bombs from my sister as a late birthday present, and I got the magic wand, the melting snowman and a luxury lush pud that I have already used. I also got another of these from my lovely friend Steph, as I was her secret Santa, but that was used in my bath yesterday and it was fab. I also received northern lights from my other lovely friend Hannah, and I cant wait to use it as I  haven't used it before I then went into the sales and brought another Luxury lush pud (can you tell I like them) drummers drumming, candy mountain (as its one of my faves) and also another snow fairy.

 Here are the prices of the products pre sale 
Drummers drumming-£5.25
magic wand-£5.25
luxery lush pud-£3.50
candy mountain-£2.75
melting snowman-£2.25
northern lights-£3.50
snow fairy-£7.50
I believe all the Christmas products are now 50% off which is such a great deal!!
what are your favourite Christmas lush product's?


  1. Candy mountain is one of my favourite lush bath bombs it turns the water such a pretty colour! xx


  2. Thats such a great deal! I have got to love the golden wonder as my favourite for Christmas, although the glitter all over the bath at the end is a bit of a pain! xx

    1. Aww it does look great but that what I was worried about hehe xx

  3. I picked up a couple of Lush's Christmas products too~ ^ ^
    And even more in the Boxing Day sales teehee! ^ - ^

  4. Snow fairy smells soooo good! - Nicole <3


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