Lush 'Don't look at me' facemask

19 Dec 2016

hello all, I recently popped into lush as I was after a face mask and knew they did great ones which are natural and kind to the skin. They do all sorts of different masks to suit all skin types. I have also tried the mask of magnaminty too, you can see a review of this mask here . So I decided to go for the 'dont look at me' mask as the lady in the shop tested it on my hand and was really helpful. This mask is great if your looking for something to brighten the skin and help prevent spots. I have found that this mask has worked so well with my skin and the very first time I used it I saw a difference in my skin straight away. I would definitely recommend this mask as its one of the only products that have helped out my skin. However, you do need to keep the fresh face masks refrigerated and they do only last for around 3/4 weeks, so I would recommend using this around 2/3 times a week.   

have you tried any lush face masks? xxx


  1. Replies
    1. yeah you should deffo try it, its so goood xx

  2. i never really get lush face masks even though i'm a huge lush fan as it is. i feel like i should treat myself to one soon.

    1. yeah they are so good, epecially the fresh ones xxx


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