Too faced 'Cat Eyes' palette~Review

7 Feb 2017

Hello everyone, I was recently looking through my Bloglovin feed and saw a review on the 'Cat eyes' palette from too faced. I then scrolled down and had a little read and found out that it was only £10 in Tx max. I then obviously went searching for this and came across it in my local Home sense store, which is basically a home wear version of tx max. They also had a highlighter palette in there too but the colours looked a little too strong so i decided to just get the eye palette. 

The majority of the shades within the palette are quite neutral and apart from the two shades 'Pussy cat' and 'Kitty glitter' . Also in this palette there is a jet black shade which would be perfect for creating a winged eyeliner effect.Today I used the shades 'Purr' and 'leopard' to create a daytime smokey eye look and it worked really well with my skin tone. They also stayed really well throughout the day even though I didn't use a primer. The colours are also soooo pigmented I only put a small amount of 'leopard' on the brush and had to blend it really well because so much product came off.  So far i'm loving this palette and for £10 you cant go wrong!

 Have you tried any of the too faced eyeshadow palettes? xx


  1. I've never tried this palette, but love the look of that pretty purple shade. x

    Tiffany Tales | Lifestyle & Beauty

  2. i use the chocolate bar palettes so much and i just love them. the shades are so pigmented and easy to use.

    1. aww yes, i was thinking about getting the sweet peach palette too haha xx

  3. I swear everyone else seems to find such gems in TK Maxx, I always just find already opened makeup things in there from brands I've never heard of it!!

    This is such a bargain for £10, I love the formulation of Too Faced palettes!

    The Makeup Directory

    1. i know you should deffo take a look and see what you can find xx

  4. Amazing palette with a great value from TkMaxx! I really love the Too faced palettes and I am lusting over their sweet peach range right now :)

    Have a lovely day ♥

    Ying | * Y i n g c b e a u t y *

    X x X x X

  5. Ahhhh it's sooooooooooooo beautiful! Those colours are amazing.

    katie xx


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