My self tanning routine and tips

16 May 2017

Hello everyone, today's . post is all about how I fake tan and what products I use to try and get the most 'natural' tan, like you have just come back off holiday. here are a few tips and tricks i have learnt along the way!


1. Exfoliate- This is probably one of the most important things to do before you tan, as it will ensure an all over even tan. I tend to use coconut oil and sugar to exfoliate my body as I find it leaves my skin moisturised at the same time. Always make sure to exfoliate twice as well on dryer areas like elbows, knees and knuckles. 

2. Moisturise-  Make sure to moisturise both before and after applying your tan!! if you make sure to moisturise daily after applying the tan your tan should last longer. 

3. Application- My favourite tan has to be the St Moritz fast tanning mouse which is available at Boots for just £6. I feel like it gives such an even coverage and as far as fake tan goes, looks quite natural. I apply it really quickly with a mitt, to make sure that there are no streaks. If there are any streaks I just take a wet flannel and rub the area so it remove it. 

4. Face - When tanning my face I don't tend to put the St Moritz tan on my face as it clogs my pores and makes my skin look un even. So, I use the Garnier ambre soliar face spray tan, which you can get in Boots and Superdrug for around £8. It is a gradual tan so at first you wont see a difference, however, after a couple of days it gives the most natural tan.  

5. Make up- Recently I have been trying to wear less make up so instead of taking a foundation that is darker than my skin tone, as well as using the Garnier spray, I use the St Tropez wash off face and body tan, either mixed with my moisturiser or on its own. Ill add a little concealer under my eyes and then use the Rimmel sun bronzer, which is a really lovely natural bronzer. I then use a pink toned nude lipstick as i feel this goes really well with the bronzed skin. 

What tan do you recommend? 

cristy xx 


  1. Ah St Moritz is such a classic I love it! You look lovely and brown too!

    Olivia / Olivia Roses

    1. its so good i cant believe how cheap it is too!! aww thanyou so much xx

  2. Ah this is such a lovely post and your skin looks absolutely beautiful! Such a natural tan - I can't wait for the summer months haha!

    Layla xx

    1. aw thats lovely of you thankyou so much! omg me too xx

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