What's in my Ted Baker Bag

9 Jun 2017

Hello everyone, todays post is all about what is in my Ted Baker Bag. If you saw my latest Instagram posts you would have seen that I took a trip to Swindon outlet and managed to find this amazing pink bag. I managed to get the bag at a discounted price and also 20% student discount which is amazing!! I really wanted a bag that I could take with me on days out and not feel I needed to take my bigger bag! This one fits the perfect amount of things in it and is great to take with you if you are going for a day out shopping, where you don't really need to take too much with you but still want a little more space. 

So, one of the main things I keep I my bag is obviously my purse. When I was at school I didn't tend to take my purse with me everywhere, but now I literally cant leave the house without it . This one I brought from Ted Baker in their January sale back in 2016.

I also keep a notebook in my bag just in case I ever need to jot anything important down. This one is from and I am loving the rose gold marble print. If you wanted to get your hands on one, feel free to use my code cristy20 for 20% off your order.

Also in my bag I keep a little hairbrush, this one is a mini Wet brush and I find this so handy to use when my hair gets really knotty on a windy day or if I want to tie my hair up. This one you can find in boots for around £6. 

Another essential for me is hand cream. I always struggle with really dry hands and they can sometimes get really dry when I wash my hands a lot or they are exposed to water or cold air. So I have this one from Molton Brown in the scent, coco & sandalwood. Its such a great size and works so well and also smells amazing.

Sunglasses are a given, eve though for the past week there has been no need for me to use them because there has been no sun! But these ones I got from River Island and they are such great quality, I find they actually work really well and obvs love them because they are rose gold. 

I also make sure to carry round with me my lipstick of choice for the day, which is nearly always Loreal collection exclusive in the shade Julianne's nude.

I then of course carry my phone and car keys, which I completely forgot to include in the photo. Something that I also couldn't include in the photo was my camera, but I have recently been using my old compact canon camera which Im gong to be carrying around a lot more now summer is coming, and hopefully I will be able to take photos for my blog whilst on the go.

I hope you enjoyed this post!  What are your handbag essentials? xx


  1. LOVE that bag, such a lovely colour! xo

  2. That bag is the cutest thing I've ever seen! I need it! Those sunglasses are really cute too.

    Khadija x

    1. thankyou lovely!! they are arnt they xx

  3. That bag is just too cute! Love the sound of that hand cream x

    Tiffany Tales – Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  4. your bag is so adorable. i love it. i have very similar sunglasses from primark and i adore them.

    1. omg wow!! they are such a cool shape arnt they xx

  5. That bag is so cute! I also like having a Molton Brown hand cream in my bag ahaha


    1. thankyou lovely! they are so good arnt they xx


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