My Summer Pamper Routine- Youtube Video

4 Aug 2017

Hello everyone, just another quick post today!! I thought i would share with you my recent youtube video, all about my summer pamper routine. 

Here is the link to my most recent video 

Here is a link to my Youtube channel

If you have a Youtube channel, feel free to leave the link below and I will check it out xx


  1. Loved this video, routines are some of my favourite to watch. I've been thinking about trying the body shop toning mist for a while, would you recommend? X
    Katie ;

    1. aww thankyou!! i actually havnt used the body shop toning mist before but this lush one is amazing and makes your skin feel so refreshing xx

  2. I enjoyed watching your YouTube video 'My Summer Pamper Routine'!
    While I was checking your YouTube channel out, I also I also watched like your videos 'Summer lookbook 2017' and 'Get to know me'. I love the brass bed and all the pillows. Your bedroom is so neat! You looked very relaxed, happy and at home on the laptop computer and phone cruising Instagram at the end of your Summer pamper routine.
    I just subscribed :D
    My own YouTube channel is: and my blog is at (sorry I haven't done a new post there in about a year - I promise I will and include commenters' links and thanks in it)

    1. awww thankyou so much thats so lovely of you!! i will defoo check out your channel xxx

  3. Love your bedside table details!!
    Becca | theBeautyInbox


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