Wrap My Christmas Gifts With me | Blogmas #20

20 Dec 2017

Hello everyone, So its come to that time where Cristy goes all out on her Christmas wrapping!! I thought I would share with you a couple of photos of how I have wrapped my Christmas presents this year and how I have done it.

What you will need!
wrapping paper 
ingredients for ginger bread (take a look at the recipe I use here)

I began by wrapping the gifts and then took some of this silver glitter ribbon from Wilko's, oh and my wrapping paper is also from Wilko's. I then took these rose gold star tags from Sainsbury's and used a silver pen to write a little note on them. 

To make the wrapping extra special and Christmassy, I decided to make some Gingerbread men and pop them into little acetate bags and tie them onto the gifts with the silver sparkly tie.

The recipe I used was the one I always follow, which is the one I have here on my blog which I believe I used from Zoella's youtube channel and it always comes out so well! To the recipe, I added the ready to roll icing and used a little pink food colouring to colour them pink. Because the gingerbread do spread out a little in the oven, I take the same cookie cutter I used for the gingerbread for the icing and cut out the icing with that. Then using a little water I stick them on top of the gingerbread. I then used some water icing to stick the silver balls onto the gingerbread for the eyes and buttons on the tummy.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it helped you in any way!! Hope you are enjoying December and getting excited for christmassssss!! see you next time xxx

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