£12 Gucci Belt Dupe & How I Style It

26 Feb 2018

Hello everyone, Today I thought I would share with you a new purchase and a piece that I have been loving recently. Now as you may all know, the Gucci belt has been a massive trend recently, however, I definitely do not have £280 to spare on a belt. So I had seen a lot of dupes floating around the internet and decided that I loved this one from River Island. 

Now this belt was only £12, which is a bargain compared to £280 for the designer version. However, I found that this was so hard to get my hands on. I looked online and saw it on stock, but then came to realise that I couldn't use my gift card online. So I went into my local River Island and they had a lot of great colours apart from the black one. It took around 3 times visiting the store until I finally found one!! They also had a new gorgeous pink one which I thought looked so nice but I thought it was probably best to stick to black as it would go with everything.

I got a size small, but I do wish I had got the medium as it is just a touch too small. But I just love the way this makes an outfit look so much better. I wear mine with denim skirts, a line skirts and jeans. I feel like the gold detailing makes an outfit look put together and that little bit more detailed and stylish. I think this dupe is so great because the gold rings are not too gold, I feel like some of these dupes can look a little tacky when the rings are a dull gold and not very shiny. I also know that Primark, New Look and Asos all do these Gucci belt dupes ranging from £3 to £12 and these all look like amazing dupes too.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully it helped you out! xx


  1. I have been seeing similar belts everywhere at the moment! I know Asos do one that's very similar. Looks great paired with a skirt!
    Amber |

  2. I've seen so many dupes lately but I haven't really seen any I liked. I have to admit this RI has won me over though!


  3. hi ...
    I'm loving fun of you,because post are so wonderful.thanks dear for awesome sharing..

  4. This is such a cute dupe and I looooove your skirt babe! x


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