How I get bouncy 'blow dry' curls at home

11 Feb 2018

Hello all, today's post is all about how I curl my hair and create 'bouncy, blow dry' inspired curls. I always begin with freshly washed hair, for me I find that curls always last longer when I curl my hair when it is clean, which can often take a while because I wash, blow dry and then curl. 

I start by using the Garnier Ultimate blends Argan Richness shampoo. Now I love the Garnier shampoo's because they always make my hair feel great, but I especially love this one because I have noticed that it helps the longevity of the curls. I find that different shampoos can effect how long my curls stay in for but this one has definitely been one that keeps them in for longer. This shampoo also makes my hair feel smooth and nourished and also shiny without looking greasy. I tend to wash my hair twice in the shower, i'm not too sure why, but my mum always used to say to wash it twice so I have always stuck to that! I then use the matching Argan hair mask. This is great for when your hair is feeling quite dry. Now I have really bad split ends and in desperate need for a trim, however, I really hate having my hair cut so this helps out with my split/dry ends a lot. I take a very small handful and rub it into the ends of my hair and leave it for around 3 minutes whilst I am still in the shower.

Whilst I am in the shower I will use my Wet brush to brush through my hair whilst the mask is still on the ends. This just makes it that little bit easier when it comes to brushing my hair when I get out the shower.  Once I'm out of the shower I will then nearly always use an argan oil. I take probably a pea sized amount in the palm of my hands and then rub this into the ends of my hair, this again makes it easier for me to brush my hair through with the Wet Brush and also makes my ends that little bit more nourished.

I then part my hair and clip up the top half and begin to blow dry my hair with the Phil Smith hair dryer. I love this hairdryer because it is really powerful and dries your hair in minutes. I make sure that the first thing I do when blow drying my hair is pointing the hairdryer up so it gives volume in my roots. I then just dry my hair normally on the medium setting, or the high setting if I am in a hurry. I often put my hair into a little bun just to let my hair cool to make it less 
frizzy and more sleek.

Once All of my hair is completely dry and cooled,  I will then take it out of the bun and part my hair again. I then split the bottom half into two and take quite a large piece of hair and place it into my curling tong. I like to use a ting because it gives a really nice bouncy curl effect, where as my wand gives more beachy looking waves. I tend to take larger sections of hair to make my hair look a little bigger and bouncier. After each curl I take a grip and pin the curl up, making sure I don't let the curl come undone. After I have curled my hair and they are all pinned up I will leave them to set for around 5 minutes, but you can leave them for as long as you want if you wanted them to last longer. I then take out the pins and leave the curls for a another 5 minutes and then once I have done my make up, I will then take a paddle brush and brush out the curls. At first they do look a little frizzy, however, once they are left for a minute or so, they will look a lot more sleek, shiny and neat.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and it helped you in some way! xx


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