My Thoughts on the Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer

19 Feb 2018

Hello everyone!! Today I thought I would share with you my thoughts on the New Revolution Conceal and Define concealer. As soon as Revolution released the product and posted a photo on their Insta, I was so excited to try it! I had seen so many pics on Instagram of this and thought why not give it a try! I did find it very hard to find it in store and it was a little annoying to get hold of because my local boots still don't stock it . So when I went for a little day trip with my mum and sister I went into the local Superdrug and found some after about 1 month of looking. This concealer is only £4, which such a great price for a concealer in the drugstore.


As for the shade range, there are a lot of different shades and tones to chose from, however, In thee store I went into, there were only c5's and above. So I thought why not give C5 a try. Now I won't lie, the colour isn't the perfect shade for me but considering it's not exactly my shade it actually works really well with the foundations I use. I would say the shade c5 isn't a great one for highlighting, but I do love this as it's great for everyday wear if you don't want to highlight your under eyes.


I absolutely love the size of the applicator. I think a lot of people prefer a smaller applicator, but I love the size of this one. I think its the perfect size for under the eyes because you can literally use one swipe and your under eyes are covered. The only thing  I would say is quite a lot of product comes out at once. I tend to use a Real Techniques complexion sponge to blend this in and it blends really nicely. 


As for texture and how it feels on the skin, I would say it isn't too thick in consistency and isn't too thin. I think it is the perfect consistency for under eye concealer. I think it is just a little too thin to cover spots and blemishes, I found that you do need a couple of layers to conceal spots. Once the product has dried down, it doesn't feel to greasy which is great. However, I do feel like it can make my skin feel and look a little bit dry, but I am not sure if this is just my skin. 


As I mentioned before, I do find that the coverage isn't the highest coverage concealer I have ever used. However, for everyday wear I think it is amazing, especially if you don't like a really heavy under eye concealer.


As for how long lasting the concealer is, I would say that it does last a very long time. I can apply this in the morning, go to uni and when I come back at around 4 o clock, the concealer is still in place. The concealer does crease a little but I find that all concealers do crease on my under eyes so this wasn't really a major problem for me. Overall, I think that this concealer is really great for the price. I think it's quite unique to see a concealer with a very large applicator (apart from the Tarte shape tape) and I love the fact it has this. I also would definitely like to try a lighter shade to see how it works when highlighting under the eyes.  Oh, and the packaging is amazing, I loveeee the pink/ rose gold detailing. 

I really hope you enjoyed this review!! See you next time xx


  1. I've heard so many great things about this concealer...

    Candice |

  2. I just bought this on Saturday after trying to find my shade for ages, got the shade C1 for when I don't have fake tan because I'm so pale and I love it, perfect match! Can imagine it would a perfect shade for highlighting on your skin tone though!

    Jasmine |

    1. aww thats amazing you got your hands on it!! yess i really need to try that shade it looks like it would be perfect for high lighting xx

  3. This look like such a good concealer and at an amazing price too! I will definitely be popping pick this up next time I am in town. I love how long lasting it sounds, which is something I struggle with sometimes with other concealers. Thanks so much for the recommendation.

    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo

  4. I feel like I SOOO need to try this! So many people completely and utterly love this product and I've never used it!

    Katie |

  5. i recently got this concealer and i love it so much. its had such a good coverage but feels so light on the skin.


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