Four outfits For Spring | YouTube Look book

2 Mar 2018

Hello everyone, today I thought I would share with you a few outfits that Im looking forward to wearing in the upcoming warmer months. It is currently snowing outside, so I don't think I will be wearing these outfits anytime soon, but as soon as the Sun comes out and the weather gets warmer, I will be wearing these pieces from my wardrobe. 

I have recently uploaded a Clothing Haul to my Youtube channel, that you can watch below, or follow this link to my Channel. I would also like to thank you all for 100 Subscribers, it may only be a small number for some but I am so grateful that 100 people enjoy watching my videos, so thank you so much. I have been loving making videos recently and I think I have decided that fashion videos are my fave to film. Feel free to watch the clothing haul video below, or follow this link to my Channel...

Click HERE to go straight to my Youtube Channel:

Instead of doing a try on clothing haul, I decided that I wanted to do a Look book with all of the clothing pieces that I included in my haul, So I cold share with you how I style them with other pieces in my wardrobe. I hope you enjoy having two videos, if you prefer try on hauls then do let me know...

Here is the link to my Latest Video, the Spring Look book

Click HERE to go straight to my channel

Thankyou so much for reading/watching! I hope you enjoyed this post xx


  1. Love all your looks! So cute for spring!


  2. Outfit goals!! I want your whole wardrobe haha - I'll definitely be following your blog and checking out your youtube xx


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