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19 Sept 2018

Hello everyone,

As you may know, I recently received an amazing package from the lovely team at Dermalogica. I have also written another post all about their new #clearstart fizz face mask and the breakout boosting serum. Feel free to have a read of this here... I really loved the concept of the fizz mask and I have been loving the breakout clearing booster for my blemishes and red areas. So I could not wait to try these products they sent over. 

Lets begin with the first thing I do in my skincare routine, which is removing my make up. I usually tend to use the Garnier micellar water if I have not been wearing much make up, however, when I have a full face of make up on, I love to use the Pre Cleanse Oil to remove my make up. I use one pump of the product and massage it into my skin, including on my eyelashes. After about 20 seconds, your make up will begin to melt away. I absolutely love the smell this product has, if you love the smell of oranges you will love this and its the perfect scent for autumn. I do love how this feels on the skin and also how it feels afterwards, it makes your skin feel so so soft and leaves your skin glowing. 

Next in my skincare routine, I use the Microfoliant. Recently my skin has been quite dry from the tan I use on my face so this product is great for getting rid of the try skin on my nose and chin. This is such a fun exfoliator as you pour out a powder and mix with water to create a paste and then massage into the skin. This is a rice based exfoliator so does smell a little like wheat, however it gets rid of my dry skin very nicely. 

Often I will use the Clear start Face Wash, which also smells like oranges. I haven't actually used this as much as the other products, however, it has an amazing texture and lathers up so so well when mixed with water. It leaves your face feeling so clean and glowing.

The next product I use is the Fizz mask, however, I will not use this every time I do my skincare routine, this comes out when I am having a pamper evening or my skin is in need of a pick me up. Read a full blog review here...

I will then use the Ultra Calming mist and spray around 4 pumps of this onto my face after the face mask. I love using this because it makes my skin feel so refreshed and hydrated. This I find is great to use in the morning because a couple of sprays of this can make you feel so much more awake and refreshed. It is also great to use to wet your beauty sponge if you are feeling super lazy like me hehe...

I will then apply a little bit of the Breakout Clearing Booster all over my face if I feel it needs it. If not I will apply a little blob of this onto any blemishes or red areas and leave over night to work. Read more about this product here...

Next up is the Hydrating Lotion. I love this product as I love a really hydrating watery moisteriser. i find this product helps so much with making my skin look glowing. I think the size of the product is also a really generous size. I find this is quite a watery based moisteriser so maybe if you have oily skin proned to spots, maybe this one would be one to stay away from. However I love this because it really helps to hydrate my dry skin areas.

Finally, the last product in my skincare routine for the morning would be the SPF 50 Booster. Now this is one for my morning routine because its most likely not needed before bed. I have actually never used an SPF before and I did not actually know just how important they are to use within your skincare routine. I now know that this SPF 50 is definitely going to protect my skin from the sun radiation...

I really hope you enjoyed this post and once again, the biggest thankyou to the lovely Dermalogica team for sending me this incredible bundle of products...

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  1. I haven't used Dermalogica in so many years, I might have to try some of their items!

    Danielle xx

    1. yes you definitely should, they are incredible xx

  2. OMG I have not used any of their products before

    Candice | Natalya Amour

  3. Your photography is gorgeous! x

    Victoria | Victoria's Vintage

  4. i have never tried dermalogica for myself but would love to. cleansing oils are my favourite to take makeup off.

    1. you should definitely give this one a go i think you would love it xx


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