What I did last Week- Easter Edition...

25 Apr 2019

Hello everyone,

Once again the time has come to tell you all why I have not been posting lately on my blog. Well, you guessed it, of course uni has taken over my life. I genuinely can not even begin to tell you the size of my to do list right now. But I thought I would take the time to let you guys know what I have been up too lately. 

If you didn't know, I am currently in my final year of university, studying Fashion Design, which means I have to design and make 4 outfits, around 8 pieces of clothing. I have nearly completed 4/8 and I have 3 weeks to complete them all ready for my photoshoot for a Look book. If you would like to see what I am getting up to with my final collection, do take a peep at my fashion instagram account @cristyjadelydiadesign.

In the middle of making my final collection, I managed to find some time to celebrate easter with my family. Myself and Sam had a lovely Friday and took a trip into town in the lovely sunshine and then we had the most amazing lunch at the Giggling Squid. If you love Thai food, you will love this restaurant, the lunch menu was so affordable too but so so yummy and I also tried tofu for the first time and I won't lie, it was actually not too bad. We then went out for a few cocktails and made the most of the sunshine.

On Sunday myself and my family enjoyed a cute little garden party at the Nottingham household and once again enjoyed the incredible weather over he weekend. We enjoyed a big old roast and lots of cake and chocolate. It was so nice to spend some quality time with my family and Sam and to get away from the uni work. 

I really hope you all enjoyed the sunshine and I will see you very soon! 


x x x 


  1. Oow I love a good garden party and it was incredible weather too!

    Danielle xx


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