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11 Jun 2019

Hello everyone,

Today I am sharing with you a new series that I wanted to start on my blog. I feel like this will really help out a lot of people, and hope that it will give some of you lovelies an idea of where to go or what to do. I am going to start the series off with my home town of Cheltenham as there are so many lovely places and hidden gems. Growing up in Cheltenham, it has always been pretty boring, as there was never many places to eat or things to do. However, there seems to be a lot of quirky places cropping up around Cheltenham that me and Sam love going to try out. I really hope you enjoy this series and I really hope this is a massive help for any of you wanting to visit Cheltenham or for those of you who just need a new breakfast spot...

1. The Scandinavian Coffee Pod

Now this is more of a coffee shop than a brunch spot, but myself and Sam visited the other day and it was such a nice spot. The coffee was one of the best I have ever had and the prices were also really reasonable. They sell amazing hot and iced coffee and a choice of, what looked like amazing cake. It is quite a small little shop so it is probably better to go during the week to get a good seat. They also have outdoor seating which is great for when the sun is out. 

2. The Find

One of my favourite spots in Cheltenham for cake and coffee is The Find. They do incredible cake and the most amazing cruffins. Their breakfasts are also amazing and I would highly reccomened their avocado on toast and also their halloumi fries. It also has lovely interior and is such a lovely place to go for brunch. I even got my mum and dad into going and now they often go for little breakfasts dates there, which is the cutest thing. But the Find is definitely near the top of the list.

3.  The Curious Cafe

The Curious cafe is one of the cutest, quirkiest cafes in Cheltenham. Based on Bath road, the cafe offers breakfast, brunch and lunch and often put on events with local food company's for dinner. They offer so much on the menu and is incredibly affordable and their outdoor garden is perfect for breakfast in the sunshine. I would highly recommend...

4. The Bottle of Sauce   

Now I am unsure if the Bottle of Sauce is a chain restaurant, however, this is one of the nicest place to go for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They do an amazing avocado on toast and really great pizza and burgers too. But its a great place to go and chill out at the weekend for brunch. It is also incredibly affordable and you get so much amazing food for the price. They also do great coffee and the interiors are also great. 

5. The Fire Station

Now this is one of mine and Sam's favourite place for dinner. We haven't actually had the brunch there before but I have heard so many amazing things about the bottomless brunch at the Fire Station. You have two hours to drink as much prosecco as you want as well as a choice of two or three courses. This is a great one for a special occasion such as a birthday or a day at the Cheltenham races so expect to get a little bit tiddled. For £30 for two courses and as much prosecco as you wish, is such a fab deal, considering you can often pay up to £30 for a bottle of prosecco on a night out. 

I really hope you enjoyed this post and find it helpful for if you ever visit Cheltenham...

Cristy N 

X X X 

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