Cosying Up my bedroom for Autumn...

9 Oct 2019

Hello everyone,

I am so excited to share with you some little snippets of my bedroom and how I am cosying it up for Autumn. I think the last time I did a room tour on my blog was around maybe four years ago when I had re done my old bedroom, which is so crazy and If you remember this fair play to you for sticking around and supporting me yay...

If you follow my YouTube channel, you may have seen that I had literally just uploaded a room tour and about one day after that was uploaded, Cristy's re arranging addiction decided she was going to re arrange the whole bedroom. Its not often I actually move the furniture, I just usually like to keep everything nice and clean and dusted, but yesterday I was feeling a little change and felt like my bedroom was just not feeling cosy enough. 

So of course I moved everything around and decided to move my two desks to the opposite ends of my bedroom. I actually live in the loft bedroom, which I will forever be grateful for as I never want to leave home because it's just such a lovely room... I mean of course I will leave home but it will make it very hard to leave... I also just wanted to say that I have not always lived up in this room, from birth I actually lived in my parents room until I was about 7 or 8, because until we had the loft extension, there was just not enough room for myself and my sisters. So until the age of 7 I had never had my own room, just a little fact about Crist and keeping it real.

So I decided to move my working desk from near the door to the corner of my room near my bedroom to create like a small little working space which I really like, this meant that I could display my favourite bags in the squares on my desk. I love this and I was actually thinking of buying another piece of furniture like this, so I am so glad i moved the desk and utilised what I already had. I also put here my baby pink Roberts radio which I love so much and just fits so well with my bedroom. I also put here my Abbott Lyon bag and box that it came in as they are beautiful. I also just piled up some books and journals and popped my flowers on top which were followers from when I was a bridesmaid at my sisters wedding. 

My bed was of course staying in the same place because for some reason my mattress is the heaviest thing you ever did carry and it was just a bit of a pain to move and I actually love where it is already. I just have white bedding and a massive furry throw from the Range and a load of pillows to make it really cosy. I also just popped my stick lights next to my bed and it means I can pop them on in the morning when I wake up. my bedside table is from B and M and the flowers on top were actually fake ones from Home sense. The little gold ornament is also from B and M and was around only £4, so I highly reccomened looking in B and M for some decor to cosy up your bedroom.

My clothes rail is the trusty rail from Ikea which was £11, this has actually been tucked in the corner of my bedroom and I just thought it was looking a little cramped and needed to make a re appearance.  I am so happy with the clothes i have put on there as they are still quite autumnal but keeping to my fave colours, which of course is pink. My dressing table is also the Malm dresser from Ikea and this has been so good. I love how big it is and I feel like it works so much better where I have put it now. I have also tried to keep it pretty tidy and not crammed to many things on there so just kept it simple with my rose gold lamp, Muji drawers, make up brushes and perfumes.

I really hope you enjoyed seeing my little Autumn room tour, I shall see you next time...

Cristy N 

x x x 


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