6 Trends to try this Winter...

5 Nov 2019

Hello everyone,

Today I thought I would share with you my top 6 trends to try this winter. These are some trends that I have tried myself or I have seen on Pinterest and Instagram that are always giving me inspiration.Trends do not always have to be new trends, they can be old trends that can be incorporated into your style and wardrobe.

1. A Fur Coat 

Now of course I am going to have to start with a fur coat. I actually feel quite bad as my mum owned a coat practically identical to this one about 10 years ago and I absolutely hated it. I then come home with my very own coat 10 years later and absolutely love it. I feel like a fur coat is an absolute staple for the winter months and can make any outfit look amazing. You also definitely do not need to support the real fur trend, this white faux fur coat is just £45 in New Look. It can be worn with jeans and over the knee boots, or ankle boots like I have here, or with a jumper dress underneath too.

2. A Tweed Co ord 

This is a trend that I have never tried but am always seeing all over Pinterest and Instagram. I feel like this is another way to look stylish and on trend in the colder months. The tweed material is great as it is really thick, meaning its going to keep you so much warmer than your average polyester. The great thing about a tweed co ord is that they come in so many colours, pink, white black so can cater for everyone. They are also so versatile for so many different occasions, such as work, a special occasion or even just out for the day shopping.

3. Long Flare Trousers 

As you may know, I love me a long trouser. Any excuse to not wear jeans and I am in, sometimes I love having something on thats comfortable but also stylish. I feel like long trousers can be such a great piece to wear, even in the colder months. A little hack I use is to wear sport leggings underneath so you are definitely going to stay warm. You can even throw on a long coat with a knit jumper underneath and you have yourself the cosiest winter outfit.

4. The Knit skirt Trend 

I have seen so many girls on Instagram wearing the knit skirts, and i just love them. They look so so cosy but they still look so classy. I love this look because it can be paired with almost any top, including jumpers so you have a knit co ord. The skirt can be worn with so many forms of footwear, including knee high boots, ankle boots and even tights and trainers. 

5. The Jumper shirt

I love the look of a jumper over the top of a shirt. This is such a great trend as it can make an average shirt look so much more on trend and dressed up. It can also be worn with jeans or even made to look like a jumper dress and paired with some over knee boots. I love the look of a grey jumper with a white shirt underneath. It can look so classy and of course, layering is a great way of keeping warm too.

6. The long Trench coat 

I always see so many photos all over Instagram of gorgeous gals wearing a trench coat. I absolutely love the look of the Holland Cooper trench coats as they are beautiful and look so classy. The check print is also another feature of these coats that can make your outfit truly stand out. However, I do love the classic nude trench coat. I think you can pop them over almost any outfit and it make the outfit look amazing and so put together. I got my nude coat from River Island for about £85, however, Primark are forever selling amazing trench coats for half of the price. 

I really hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you have gotten some ideas for your 2019 winter wardrobe...

Cristy N 

x x x 

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