Festivities at the Gloucester Quays Victorian Christmas Market...

17 Nov 2019

Hello everyone,

I wanted to start this post by saying how grateful I am for the love on my latest post. I am so so happy that I wrote it and I genuinely am so grateful for those who messaged me. Although it was a more serious post, I am so happy to start the festive blog posts today. Of course I will be continuing the 'Let's Talk ' series through out the festive season. As some of you may know, Christmas is truly my most favorite time of year and I am so happy that the Christmas blog posts are making a return. 

What better way to start my Festive blog season with a little photo snaps of myself and Sam exploring the Victorian Christmas Market at Gloucester Quays. I absolutely love Christmas Markets as they are truly what gets me in the Christmas spirit. Of course some may say its a little soon but as I have gotten older, I have realised the run up to Christmas is the most special, and Christmas day its self is just a bonus. So why the hell not elongate the run up and start the festivities now. 

The Victorian Christmas Market is only on for one week 14th-24th November, so if you get the chance this week I would highly reccomened having a visit as it is amazing. There are over 100 stalls, including Christmas food, drink, crafts and cakes. There is so much to see and so many stalls to browse and of course there is plenty of hot chocolate and mulled wines. I just wanted to say that this is not a sponsored post or gifted post, myself and Sam took a look around yesterday and it was so so lovely and such a lovely festive day.

We arrived at the docks and of course we were hungry so sam grabbed a Gluten free duck salad and I of course went for the yorkshire pudding wrap duh, why would I have chosen anything else. I have tried a couple before and this one was great. My wrap was £9 so a little pricey but so worth the price. You can see in the photos below just how much I was enjoying my lunch.

We then had a little wonder around and found the hot chocolate stall and of course treated ourselves to a Bailey's hot chocolate and Oh my gosh I did not realise Bailey's would be such a great addition to a traditional hot choc. It was probably one of the best hot chocolates I have ever had. The victorian theme is so fitting with the scenery and everything is just beautiful. There is also an ice rink which we didn't go on this time but believe you me I will be back many times before it closes. The ice rink is open from the 14th November to the 5th of January so you have so much time to go along.

It was such a lovely day out and such a great Christmas Market, I am so excited to maybe visit a few more markets this year, so If anyone has any Christmas market recommendations please do let me know in the comments. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you next time for some more festivities...

Cristy N 

x x x 

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