The Ultimate Girly Christmas Gift Guide 2019...

1 Dec 2019

Hello everyone,

I'm So excited that it is now the first of December yay... What better way to start this Christmas month than to start with the Ultimate Girly Christmas Gift Guide. I absolutely love sharing with you gift ideas because I know so many people may struggle with knowing what to get for the ladies (or men) of the family. I would say this is a high end high street gift guide as many of the pieces are not designer luxury but also not too inexpensive either. I have included some of my favourite pieces in this gift guide and I am lucky enough to have been sent some of these wonderful items from Abbott Lyon, Laze Wear and Sheer Blush. However, of course my views are still not changed in any way. I really hope this christmassy gift guide helps you and gives you that little bit of inspiration for your Christmas gifts or even your own wishlist...

1. What better gift to give than a beautiful piece from Abbott Lyon. 

Abbott Lyon have the most amazing accessories on their site. I absolutely love their hand bags and the watches are just incredible. I would say the watches are some of the most beautiful watches I have seen out there. They have to offer so many pieces that you may not always feel the need to by yourself, so to have as a gift for Christmas would be perfect. The Moda Hand bags have to be one of my favourites as they are just so versatile. You can wear it across body, across the shoulder with the long chain or you can pop the chain into the bag and use the metal detail rings to carry the bag. I feel like its always fab to have different ways to use/ style the bag as it can look so different with different outfits. 

Another amazing feature Abbott Lyon is known for is their personalisation. You can have almost every bag personalised with a metal letter or embossed with your initials. They offer this on not just their bags, but phone cases and even their watches. I absolutely love my phone case, as not only is it personalised but is probably one of the best quality phone cases I have ever owned. I feel like what better time to have something personalised than to have it at Christmas, it can make a gift feel so much more special and personal. 

Abbott Lyon also offer amazing watches. As you can see they have watches with both circular faces and also square faces. I love this because I have never really seen a square face on a watch and its just something really different. They are also really well priced, not too inexpensive its going to be poor quality, but also not Rolex prices of course. 

I think if you were to give a gift from Abbott Lyon this Christmas, you would be making someone very very happy. If you are reading this on Sunday 1st December, they are still offering 40% off for black Friday, however, if the offer has ended, you can use the code NOTTINGHAM30 for 30% off at the checkout. You can shop Abbott Lyon HERE 

2. A Luxury Pair of Christmas Pj's

These satin blend Pyjamas from Laze wear are the perfect gift for that special someone who loves their me time and watching Netflix in bed. For me its always been a tradition to get a pair of pyjamas for Christmas, and these are just perfect. They are so incredibly soft an cosy and are so comfortable. I love that the piping contrasts the colour of the shirt and bottoms. These pj's also come in pink and you can also get the long versions if you would prefer to have trousers instead of shorts. 

You can also have these pj's personalised with your initials which I think is just fab.  I feel like this is something you wouldn't necessarily by for yourself, so this would be the perfect gift to give this Christmas to that someone you know who loves watching films and cosying up this Christmas. These cost £49, so a little more on the pricey side for a pair of pj's, however come packaged in the most beautiful box and are just so luxurious. 

3. A statement Dress from House of CB

I have always dreamed of having a wardrobe full of House of CB. However, we all know that it can be a little on the pricier side of gifts. If you know someone who loves fashion and is always on trend and really into their luxury fabrics, I would highly reccomened a statement dress or top from house of CB. It has some of the most beautiful pieces I have ever seen and I love their dresses. If you know someone is in need of a dress for NYE, this would be the perfect gift. The packaging is also incredible and I am in love with the fact you wouldn't even need to wrap the gift as it is already packaged amazingly. 

4. Roses from Sheer Blush

These roses are perfect for someone who loves flowers. These come in a small little box and can last for up to three years. If you know someone who loves roses and flowers this would be perfect to pop into a stocking, or even as a present. It's such a thoughtful gift and I am sure every girl would absolutely love to receive on this Christmas. 

Here are some more amazing gift ideas that would be perfect for her this Christmas...

Thankyou so much for reading and I hope this gave you a little Christmas gift inspiration...

Cristy N 

x x x 

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