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8 May 2020

Hello everyone,

Recently I was lucky enough to try out a lovely care package from Antipodes. I have been trying and testing the products for about 2 months so they have definitely been tried and tested very well. One of my absolute favourite products from this little are package was most definitely the Baptise Hydra- water Moisteriser and the Kiwi seed gold eye cream. I have found that my skin in lockdown has been relatively good, however I have found it has been so dry. I always thought I had combination skin, but recently it has definitely been on the more dry side of life. 

1. Hydra Baptise Moisteriser £33

This is one of my favourite products from the collection and I have been using it almost everyday since I received the care package. It is a water based moisteriser so works so well for my dry skin. It has the loveliest rose scent and feels amazing on the skin. Because my skin has been so dry I tend to sometimes pop on two layers. This makes my skin sooo much better and this product is amazing after a hot day in the sun as it feels so cooling and refreshing on the skin. I love that this moisteriser is so light, it is not immensely oily which I really like and doesn't leave your face feeling oily or greasy which is always good for me. For £33, this is for me , a pretty expensive moisteriser considering I usually spend about £4 on a moisteriser. I think this is a great product but  I do think that you may be able to get something similar from the drugstore, however, I do love how natural this product is, I feel like that is the best thing about these products as A lot from the drugstore can be perfumed and full of products that are actually not very beneficial to the skin.

2. Kiwi Seed Gold eye cream £53

This eye cream is a very luxurious one, I love that it actually. has gold flakes in it, which I guess explains the price. I have been using this In my evening skincare routine and it has fit in with my other products so well. I must say it is such a lovely product, it is so thick and creamy and keeps my under eyes so moisturised and is perfect for before applying concealer under the eyes. I love the scent and its just so perfect for me as my skin is always so dry even around my eyes. As for the price tag, I can completely see why it is £53, I personally don't think I could every justify spending £53 on an eye cream, but if you would, I would highly recommend adding this one to your list.

3. Moister Boost Natural Lipstick £21

Now these lipsticks I just love, for £21, I d believe these are 100% worth the money. I just absolutely love how natural these lipsticks are. They are made from primrose, organ and avocado oil and I must say I have never come across a brand who uses natural oils like Antipodes does. These oils of course make them a super moisturising lipstick, however I find this does not affect the wearability of these lipsticks. I often find a moisturising lipstick will wear off really easily and be very oily, where as these ones last so well, keep your lips moisturised and still look so pigments on your skin. I feel like the price for these lipsticks are of course more higher end, but so worth the price. 

You can shop Antipodes HERE...

I really hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful, let me know I you have tried Antipodes!

See you soon,

Cristy N 

x x x 


  1. Never heard of them but the products look interesting :)

    1. honestly they are fab, unlike anything else I have tried before xx

  2. I've tried Antipodes before! I think it was something along the lines of, the Vanilla Bean Face Cream. It was a dream! Loved the post also - the gold flakes eye cream looks dreamy, <3

    1. Oh amazing, that sounds lovely!! thank you so much, omg I know it is soooo nice xx

  3. You're most welcome! :) I'm sure your tender eye ball skin is feeling most blessed after using it! :'D xx

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