6 Places to visit in The Cotswolds...

17 Aug 2020

 Hello everyone,

Because of having the most gorgeous 2 weeks of non stop sunshine here in Cheltenham, I thought I would share with you the best places to visit in the Cotswolds. I have lived in the Cotswolds all my life and its safe to say its one of the most beautiful places ever and I honestly feel so happy to be such a short drive away from these lovely places. So here are some of my favourite places to visit in the cotswolds. 

1. Bourton on the Water, Gloucestershire 

Bourton on the Water has to be one of my favourite places in the cotswolds, because t reminds me so much of my childhood and spending so many lovely days there in the summer. This little Cotswold village is absolutely beautiful and has so much to offer, with the beautiful , but extremely cold, river running through the entire village! So on a hot day, this is a lovely place to come for a picnic and be able to paddle your feet in the water. There is also so many lovely pubs and places to eat, tea rooms, ice cream parlours and cute little trinket shops to wonder around. it is honestly such a beautiful cotswold village and one of my favourites that I highly recommend visiting. 

2. The Real Flower Petal Confetti fields, Wick

The flower confetti field in Wick are just one place you have to visit during the week that it is open. There are just fields of beautiful flowers and I believe this year they also had a sunflower field too. It costs around £5 per entry and you can spend the day walking around the confetti fields and I must say this is one place that is just wonderful for instagram photos. 

3. Broadway, Gloucestershire 

Broadway is another of my favourite little villages in the cotswolds and actually only about 20 minutes from my home. Again there are so many beautiful cotswold stone homes and pubs and tea rooms so the perfect place to get yourself a classic afternoon tea. I also highly recommend the ice cream too, there is often a man at a cute little pink and white ice cream stand selling scoop ice cream and then the little tea room that sells whip ice creams for just £2 with so many amazing toppings. Again its a beautiful place for instagram shots and the broadway tower is a lovely place to go and have a picnic in the sunshine. 

4. Cotswold Lavender 

Cotswold lavender is another amazing Instagram spot, a little like The confetti fields, this is a lovely place to wonder around and take in the beautiful scenery. Fields full of lavender plants and flowers and is honestly beautiful. Last year you could actually take a little picnic and spend the day there however this year I believe due to cover that the rules may have been a little different. Unfortunately the lavender has been harvested now but if you get the chance to go next year I would highly recommend. 

5. Pitville Park, Cheltenham 

Another place really close to home is Pitville park in Cheltenham. This place is the perfect picnic spot for the summer and also a lovely place to get an ice cream and take the doggies for a walk. There are three cafes to chose from that do provide outdoor seating for a spot of lunch and the park is entered around pitville lake which is beautiful. You can also pay I believe It is £7 to ride a boat on the lake which is just the most perfect summer afternoon activity. This place is one of my favourite places to go to catch up with friends in the summer.

6. Gloucestershire Docks

Gloucestershire docks is one place that I really need to start visiting more. Me and Sam actually went on the ice rink back in the winter and its actually such a lovely part of Gloucester. There are so many lovely restaurants and shops within the outlet centre. Myself, mum and same mum Ali actually took a trip down their last Friday and had the most lovely girly afternoon. We went to Settebello Docks restaurant for a HUGE pornstar martini and some bruschetta which was incredible. We then went to their cafe and had a coffee and some Italian cakes too which were also so nice and the coffee may just be on of the best coffee I have ever had. 

I really hope you enjoyed this little cotswold guide and do let me know if you visit and what you think. Also if you have any more cotswolds requests, do leave it in the comments as I would love to visit some new places. 


  1. All six of the places you describe and illustrated with your photos read and look like lovely places to visit. The fields of flowers, the village, the boat ride, the Gloucestershire docks and the Settebello Docks restaurant all sound like wonderful places to visit.
    I love the looks of all of the outfit pieces and outfits you styled were wearing in the photos above. They look very feminine and pretty.

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    1. oh thank you so much I'm so glad you enjoyed the post!! honestly if you ever get chance to visit I would highly recommend!! they are all such beautiful places!! thank you so much xxx

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