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29 Sept 2020


Hello everyone,

Today I am talking all things coffee spots in the Cotswolds, and today's spot is all about the brand new Patisserie, Edible Art. Based in Montpellier courtyard in Cheltenham, Edible art is the loveliest coffee spot if you love the whole concept of 'coffee and cake'.  So of course I had to recommend this place to the lovely Charlotte from . It was so lovely to finally meet Charlotte and have the loveliest coffee and cake date at this beautiful cafe. 

I must say on first look of the cakes, I was absolutely amazed, there were so much to chose from (especially if you go early morning) and they truly are a work of art. There was an incredible looking cake that I'm pretty sure was actually a real life pear, that is just how beautiful and believable these cakes are. 

I had the Penut butter and caramel choux bun, and I must say it was quite possibly one of the best pastries I have ever eaten. I can only describe it as a very large prefiterole with the most incredible peanut butter flavoured cream in the middle, and in the centre of the cream was running, gooey caramel, with I believe a caramel coating on the top. So as you can see it was very yummy.

And although their main star of the show are the cakes, I must say the coffee was amazing. It was hot, huge and in general a really lovely coffee. I love that the standard coffee size is so big, as I find in some places the sizes of the coffee is just so small and can often be not very hot. So after drinking lots of coffee in the cotswolds, I was highly impressed with the coffee here.

The coffees were around the average price of the coffee in cheltenham, around £2.80-£3. The cakes are on the more expensive side, however, I am really not surprised because you can tell just how much love and care and precision goes into to every single one of their patisseries. Theses would also make the most incredible birthday gifts as you can take away in the most gorgeous gift boxes and bags. I must say I would be very happy to receive one of these as a birthday gift.

Do let me know if you take a visit to this lovely little patisserie based in the cotswolds, you will truly love it.

Cristy N 

x x x 


  1. All of those things look absolutely amazing! Such a great way to start the day!
    Jenna ♥
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