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21 Aug 2013

Hello everyone! so as you have all guessed I have decided to 're-vamp' my blog and starting blogging a little more regularly. I have decided to change the name of my blog from 'CuteLittleBlog' (haha I know what was I thinking) to just my name 'Cristy Nottingham' it may be a little boring but at least not many people would have it!

If you weren't directed here by my Instagram then a hearty welcome to you! I will try and blog as much as I can, However school will soon be starting and I may be a little busy! I'm new to the blogging world so if I'm a bit slow please bear with me. I hope you enjoy reading my blog!

Comment for any posts you would like to see! x

Follow me on instagram if you wish! My header has a few snip-its of the photos i post!
Cristy x x x 

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