Q & A #1

21 Aug 2013

Hello everyone! So my next blog post is going to be a Q & A post. I decided to do one of these because I would like to interact with you guys more. So I posted a photo on Instagram asking if you all could ask me some questions that I could answer on my blog so here it is!


1- @itsgeorgiapaige asked~ Favourite drugstore foundation?
 Well, to be quite frank, I  don't actually wear foundation a lot, I just tend to use concealer on any spots, blemishes or problem areas. But when I do wear foundation on special occasions I use the No7 Instant Radient foundation in calico.

2-@Kathryn123x asked~ What was your first make-up item?
I'm not too sure about that one but I think it was a Natural Collection Lip gloss!

3-@lovelyvintage__ asked~fave Ig?
This is such a hard one to be quite honest because I follow so many lovely instagrams and I always tend to say one but then I see another and love that one just as much but if Ihad to choose it would probably be either velvetgh0st (also love her youtube) or bethlinabetha again love her youtube aswell!

4-@ameleah00 asked~ If you could use one drugstore product for the rest of your life what would it be?
This is also a very hard question but it would probably the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer because it covers up a lot of imperfections.

5-@georgia_beaven asked~ If you could only shop at one shop for the rest of your life what would it be?
It would either be sainsburys because food, and I do love food or Boots or Cavandish House because it has like everything in there.

6-@tuana_xo asked~ what high street make up would you suggest for £5?
I would defiantly suggest again the collection lasting perfection concealer or the MUA palettes because they are really good and only £4.

7-@london_paris_lauren asked~ if you could be one Disney Princess what would it be?
I'm not to sure who I would be I have never actually thought about it but maybe Belle, I dont really have a reason though.

8-@glimmerofgorgeous asked~ what is your favourite Real Techniques brush?
I don't have many but I do have the core collection and it would either be the buffing brush or contour brush.

9-@centurygoffic asked~ who is your inspiration?
Do you know what i have also never actually thought about this either and I an honestly put my hands up and say I don't think I have one. Well I will defiantly think about it!

Thankyou for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post and comment for any posts you would like to see!

Cristy x x x  

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