Travel Make-up #1

24 Aug 2013

Hello everyone! Today to make up for not posting yesterday I thought I would do another post! A lot of my posts at the moment seem to be all about make up which I apologize for! But I thought I would do a post on a Holiday Travel Make up Kit  for those of you going on holiday or on your travels! When you are going on holiday you don't really want to be loading your face with make-up so I usually only take a small make-up bag! I just have a small floral one from Boots which was £2. 

For the face I would just take a concealer to hide any dark circles, spots or blemishes and a face powder just to set the concealer. The concealer I use is my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer which im sure you all know is my everyday concealer.I would also take a blush to add color to my cheeks when I am going out in the evening. So I would take my sleek blush in 'Rose Gold'

For eyes I would take the Bourjois Smokey eye Trio because it is great for travel as its small and has all the colors you need, including highlight, lid and crease. I would also take a white eye liner just to brighten my eyes, so I would take my MUA white eye liner in 'Snow White'. For mascara I would take my No7 Exceptional Definition mascara because it gives a really natural effect to your lashes and its also a travel size.

Finally for my lips I would take my Maybelline Baby Lips in 'Pink Punch' because it gives off color but is also really moisturizing. I would also take my Revlon Lip Butter in 'Sweet Tart' because it also gives off really nice color without being to harsh.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope this gave you an idea of what to take on your holiday or travels!

Cristy x x x


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  1. Hi Cristy!!
    I have just discoered your blog and saw that its a lot like mine. You do beauty and fashion posts and also don't have any followers - like me.
    I have followed your blog and on bloglovin and could you return the favour.
    Love you blog loads!!♥

    Mollie from The Fashion Of Craft


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