Cake Pops

9 Apr 2014

3 medium eggs
250g flour
250g sugar
230g butter
 Butter Cream
5 tbls Icing sugar
1 tbls butter
2 drops vanilla extract
3 tsp strawberry milkshake powder
silver spoon strawberry buttons

Step1-add the butter and the caster sugar to a bowl and mix until the mixture is light in texture and colour.

Step2-begin to add your eggs, one by one, making sure not to curdle your mixture.(if your mixture does curdle add a little bit of flour and it should combine the mixture together again).

Step3-add the flour to the mixture, make sure you do this step by folding in the flour, not beating it, because we don't want to knock all the air out of the cake.

Step4-line a cupcake tin with plain cupcake cases (or any cases of your choice). They don't need to look pretty because we will be taking them out of the cases.

Step5-pop them in the oven for 15-20 minutes gas mark 5( however everyone's ovens are different and mine is quite slow, so the cooking time and temperature may vary). but this can be a guideline!
Step6- whilst your cakes are baking, we can make the butter cream by adding icing sugar and butter into a mixing bowl. I don't tend to measure my icing, I just taste it as I go along to check if it tastes good! Make sure not too add too much butter because it can taste a bit too buttery otherwise.

Step7- add 2-3 teaspoons of strawberry milkshake powder( depending on how flavoured you want them) and mix in.

Step8-once your cakes are out the oven and cooled you can start to cut them into small chunks.

Step9-add the cakes to your butter cream make sure the pieces are quite small.
Step10-your mixture should now be a good consistency to handle and roll into balls.
Step11-you can now melt 1 and a half bags of silver spoon strawberry buttons to use to coat your cake pops.

Step12-dip the cake pop sticks into the melted chocolate and stick it into one end of your cake pop so it doesn't fall off the stick, and leave to chill for 15-20 minutes.

Step13- you can now dip the cake pops into the melted chocolate and sprinkle and kind of decorations on the top.
Step14- finally I used a cereal box and pocked holes in it to hold my cake pops as I didn't want to ruin the overall look.

And there you have it!I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Its nice to post baking rather than make up sometimes! please comment below anything else you think I should try and make! 
If you try these, feel free to post a photo on Instagram and tags me in it!
Cristy x x x

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