ootd #1

14 Apr 2014

Hello everyone, I asked you all on instagram what posts you would like to see more of on my blog and some of you said clothing and outfit posts. So i decided to do an ootd for you all. This is just a quick post as I am planning about 3 posts today so look out for 2 more. I have also Incorporated a fotd also so I hope you enjoy this post.Finally spring has sprung which means the coats go back into your wardrobe and hopefully its warm enough just for a jumoper/sweater.(This one is from new look) Also, this MAC lipstick in the shade 'speak louder' is a really nice bright pink and is great for the spring time (and all year round).


  1. What colour are these Joni Jeans? Are they 'pansy blue'? All of your photos are great quality! What camera do you use? xxx

  2. I'm not too sure but they are the navy ones! Aw Thankyou I use nikon coolpix xxx


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