Top 4 Winter Lipsticks~Blogmas #1

30 Nov 2014

left-right~ revlon colour burst lip butter-berry smoothie, MUA shade 1, MAC's Lady bug, Barry M jelly lip pencil.
Top left-right~ Revlon lip butter berry smoothie, Mua shade 1 Bottom left-right~MAC's Lady Bug, Barry M jelly shine pencil.

Hello everyone, ITS DECEMBER YAY, (well when you are reading this it is but right now its actually November 30th hehe). so this is a very exciting post as I have decided to do blogmas. I'm going to try my best to try and blog as much of December as I can but I do still have lots of school to do as well so I will try and fit in blogging somewhere. So I decided to start of the series with my favourite winter lipsticks.

1~ My first favourite is the Revlon colour burst lip butter in the shade berry smoothie, which is a really great shade if you are looking for a muted vampy lipstick. They are also incredibly moisturising which  is great for this time of year when your lips are dry n crispy (nice).

2~my 2nd favourite is MUA's shade 1 and I searched everywhere for a dark red lipstick and I would never of thought that I would have found this one for just £1. This is probably the darkest out of them all ad it so nice for this time of year.

3~ MAC's Lady bug is a really lovely orange toned red and its nice if you don't want to wear anything too dark. Its also really moisturising as its a lustre finish!

4~My final favourite is one of the barry m Jelly shine lip pencils, which actually doesn't have a name, but again, its a really dark vampy red which feels very moisturising on the lips.

What is your favourite winter lipstick?  


  1. Im doing blogmas as well! xx

  2. I love the revlon one, im pretty I have it in the same shade! X

  3. Thanks for sharing, these colors are so pretty! x

  4. The colours look amazing, I am also doing blogmas and its very exciting :)


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