How I tan in Winter | Blogmas #15

15 Dec 2017

Hello everyone, Todays Blogmas is all about how  maintain/ fake tan in winter . Now as you may know, I love to fake tan, Id rather it be real, however I cant afford an exotic holiday every month. So, I take to the St Moritz tanning mouse.

 I absolutely love it and I feel it works so well for my skin. I use the one that developed in 60 minutes, however they do sell a light medium and dark shade. 

I begin by exfoliating in the shower, usually using melted coconut oil and sugar. Once out of the shower, I use the Bondi Sands gradual tanning milk on the areas that are often dry. I then take the tanning mitt and apply two pumps for each arm, two for my thighs, one and a half for my shins, one for feet and one and a half for my chest and back.

For my face I tend to only apply the tiniest but to my face and I usually use the Garnier Ambre Solair tanning face mist as this gives a more natural glow to the skin. 

Also, to maintain my tan I will use the gradual tanning milk to keep my skin moisturised and stop the tan from separating on my skin.

I really hope you enjoyed this post!! What tanning products would you recommend? xxx

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