My Family Christmas Traditions | Blogmas #14

14 Dec 2017

Hello everyone, today I thought I would finally share with you my families Christmas traditions. Coming from an Italian background food plays a very big role in my families christmas! One very odd tradition is making meatballs. This is something my family have always done on christmas eve as it was something we used to do when I saw my mums side of the family. We then carried on this tradition and would usually get eaten on christmas morning.

Spending time with my family is obviously a major tradition. Going to pubs and out for christmas drinks. Especially hot chocolates. As well as Costa I love discovering little cafes for drinking hot chocolate.

Myself and Mum always love doing a little christmas baking and love making mince pies, I do have recipes up on my blog but I think a more up to date one will be coming soon. I also love baking gingerbread men and was going to attempt a gingerbread house this year so maybe a recipe will be up on the blog for that one too.

I also love wrapping christmas presents watching a christmas film and making them look really cute and to look pretty under the christmas tree.

I also love spending time with my family on christmas eve!!

Another tradition is going to christmas markets and exploring new places and I love going ice skating  too.

I hope you enjoyed this post!! What are your family christmas traditions? xx


  1. I love going to the markets at this time of the year too, lovely post!

    Anika |

    1. aww they are so lovely and christmassy arnt they!! thankyou xxx

  2. It's great to have some traditions!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


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