MAC Burgundy Times 9 Palette | Blogmas #23

23 Dec 2017

Hello everyone, I hope you are all getting excited for Christmas, I definitely am sooooo excited!! I won't lie I was just about to go to bed last night and thought 'OH NOOO ' I have forgotten to write a blog post. I was literally so annoyed at myself because I had blogged for nearly 22 days in a row which I had never done before, but I say lets just look past the fact I may have missed a day and these up coming posts will definitely make up for it, so I do apologise for that one.

Anyway, onto Blogmas day 23!! I thought I would share with you my views on the MAC times nine palette! I was actually kindly gifted this by my lovely friend Holly a couple of years ago for my birthday. I have just recently re discovered this from my beauty drawers and was looking at it thinking wow why do I not use this more because it is just such a pretty palette! 

The shades include: Honey Lust, Poppyseed, Quarry, Antiqued, Embark, Noir, Haux, Star Violet and Sketch.

I love the consistency of the matte shades and they blend really nicely throughout the crease and they are great because they are mainly cool tone shades, and for me I feel like these suit me so much more than warm tone shades.

The glittery shades are also incredibly pigmented and I love that there is a rose gold shimmer shade included in this palette which would be great for Christmas day! The only thing I would say is there is a little bit of fall out on the rose gold shimmer shade, but its nothing major.

Thankyou for reading and Merry Christmas xxxx


  1. Is this palette so pretty! I have some of these eyeshadows in a bigger pan that I have put into the Mac palettes you can customize, and they look even better on the eyes!
    Amber |

  2. That palette is so beautiful! I am a huge fan of MAC eyeshadows!

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