6 Ways To be more Positive and Happy!

9 Apr 2018

Hello everyone, today is a very different post for the blog today! I have never written a blog post like this, purely because I just love to blog about Fashion and Beauty. However, I feel as though we all have days when we just don't feel amazing! So I thought, why not write a post that may actually be helpful to someone, even if it is just one person, but to help somebody feel that little bit happier. I personally have days when I don't feel myself or I feel a little down, so I thought I would share with you how I attempt to make myself feel better and more Positive.

1. Let someone know...
The first thing that I personally do when I'm feeling a little down would definitely be to tell someone. Whether that be you Mum, Nan, Dad, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, I feel 1000% better if I just tell someone that today's not a great day. After doing this I usually feel so so much better.

2. Pamper Yourself...
The next thing I will do is have a pamper evening and just CHILL. I love just making myself feel/ look that little bit better. I find after giving my hair a wash, exfoliating, shaving, tanning and doing an extensive skincare routine, I feel so much better about myself. In this time I will definitely chose a face mask and just take some time to sit down and relax whilst its brewing on my face. I would definitely recommend a Lush face mask, because they just feel so amazing on the skin and they feel just that little bit better because you know they have great things in. 

3. Reduce time spent on your phone...
Recently I have been spending far too much time online window shopping and scrolling through Insta until 10 O clock at night. I feel like when I spend the last few hours of the day on my phone and laptop my brain just can not get to sleep. So one thing I am going to start doing is attempting to go on my phone as little as possible through out the day. I'm going to try and make sure my phone charge is on 65% or above when I get to 4pm. Maybe spend this time reading a book!

4. Cut Out as much negativity as possible...
As much as I loveeee watching Mystery Videos on YouTube, I feel as though a lot of the time it's something that I probably shouldn't be watching before I go to bed. So, when it comes to positivity and YouTube, I enjoy watching channels/ videos that I know will make me feel happy. For Example, I love watching Fashion Mumblr's fashion videos, Lydia Millen's Vlogs and Freddy's hauls. I feel like after watching videos like these, I feel so much more motivated and positive.

5. Do something that makes you happy...
I personally love spending time with my family and my boyfriend Sam, and this always makes me feel so much better. I spend a lot of time at home by myself when I am not at Uni and when my friends are at Uni, so spending time with my family, friends and boyfriend always makes my day better. I have also been trying to spend less time in my bedroom and more time downstairs with my family. I also love blogging and making YouTube videos, so these things always makes me feel better and more productive. 

6. Get Some Fresh air...
 As much as I really dislike exercising, I think Sam would really appreciate me for sharing this one with you. I am one of those gals who pays for the gym but doesn't actually go, so this year I actually cancelled the membership. However, I won't lie, whenever I do exercise I feel so much better. Even if this is just taking your dog for a walk and getting out of the house, or going for a weekly swim and gym session with a friend,t his always makes exercising less daunting.

Thank you so so much for reading this post, I really do hope you enjoyed something a little different and do let me know if you would like to see more posts like these ones! Have a lovely day xx


  1. Pampering yourself does wonders! Love how relaxed it makes me.
    Candice |

  2. That little pink bag is WONDERFUL!!!!

    Caterina |

    1. isnt it,its from topshop and only £22 xx

  3. I agree with everything on this blog post, pampering myself is something I love to do!

    Danielle xx

    1. im glad you enjoyed it!! yes defo a must for me xx


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