What I have been up to lately- Blog Update, Food and Haul

19 Apr 2018

Hello everyone, Today I thought I would write a little life update as I am aware I have been a little shy of blog post uploads recently. I have recently gone back to Uni after Easter and had heaps and heaps of work to do as I am actually making an outfit, so you can probs imagine how much work goes into that!

As well as Uni, you may have noticed that my blog has had a re-vamp! I actually was looking at my blog the other day and noticed how all of my themes and elements of my blog had disappeared and replaced by a square with an exclamation mark inside, so who knows what happened there! So I took to Etsy and thought I would buy myself a new blog template and fell in love with this one! I am so happy with the slider at the top of my page and the Insta widgets, I just feel like it looks that little bit more professional and I really hope you love it too...

As well as Uni and re vamping the blog, I have been enjoying the sunshine and spending time with Sam and my family. We went to one of the nicest cafes in town called The Find, If you are ever in Cheltenham I would definitely recommend it, the food is amazing if you are into your healthy foods and they even cater for vegetarians and vegans.

Today, as you can probably tell if you live in England, it is finally warm yay! As I am writing this post it is currently 22 degrees, and for the UK, thats pretty good! So myself and my friends decided to go for lunch at Ask Italian which is always amazing and I always love a big bowl of pasta!  

Speaking along the lines of food, last weekend myself and Sam took a trip to Worcester and ate at the amazing Bolero Worcester. The food was amazing and I of course had to try there steak which was just incredible and so filling, I don't think I have ever eaten a whole slab of steak without leaving a little bit of gristle (gross) but I actually could eat the whole thing yay! I had such a lovely evening and it was so nice to relax with Sam! 

Then on Saturday I took a trip to Bristol (I don't usually do so much in one weekend lol) with my pals and took a look around the shops and managed to find some bargains! If you have been to Primark in Bristol you will know how big it is and I'm very glad I went in because I found the prettiest bag which will definitely be appearing in an up coming haul on my Youtube Channel.

As for my YouTube channel, I have been planing and collecting new fashion pieces for a haul, as I was in desperate need of some new clothes and I'm soooo excited to share with you what I managed to find!

I really hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you next time! xx


  1. Such lovely photos - it truly looks like you've had a lovely time! The Bristol primark is the closest one too me, and everyone who comes to visit is always saying that it is the biggest one they have ever seen!
    Amber |

    1. you are so lucky to have such a big primark that has so many amazing things in!! xx

  2. Have you updated your blog design a lil hun? I've never noticed the sliding posts before, looks great! Whoops just started reading the post you've written you have had a revamp haha! I've actually never heard of The Find before but it sounds like I need to go! Boy, I wish I could pack so much in on the weekends!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

    1. hahaha its okay lovely! its such a lovely little cafe would deffo recommend xx

  3. I think the new template really suits your theme! I wish I had a massive primark by me, it's always packed, but I'd love to do a massive haul! Your clothing rack looks amazing, love the look of the white dress with the floral detailing x

    Velvet Blush

  4. Lovely post and so glad your back on it! Some great photos in the post too! I always think if I take a picture thats not exactly of something it looks weird, but I love your picture with the suitcase in! Also where is that from? love the colour!

    Also just googled how far away Bristol is, I clearly need a trip to Primark Bristol!

    Template looks gorgeous too, Etsy has everything as ive just updated mine !

    Kylie |

    1. its such a great primark you should deffo take a trip there! my suitcase is actually from dunelm i think it was only £30 xx

  5. Thank you so much for sharing everything, that little bag is such stunning xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️


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