5 Affordable Things To Do This Summer...

26 Jun 2018

Hello Everyone,

Today I thought I would share with you a couple of ideas of things to do this summer that are affordable but exciting that can fill a day with fun!! I have found that recently I just love being able to be outside when the sun is shining which makes everything better and so much more fun! I find when the sun is out there is so much more you can do without having to spend too much. 

1. Ice Cream At The Park

I personally love to go to the local park for a walk and an Ice Cream. My local park is honestly beautiful and such a nice place to go for a picnic, ice cream or just to have a chill out and a sun bathe. It also offers amazing Ice cream at the cafe which I nearly always go for because I actually can not help myself...

2. Take a trip to a Cotswold Village

For me, I am quite lucky as I actually live in the Cotswolds and a lovely little town/ village like Bourton on The water is only a 25 minute drive away. Its so nice to explore a new place and just get out of town for a day to explore and eat lots of ice cream, food and more appropriately, cream tea!! Its lovely to take a road trip that is not too far out of the way but you can still explore a new place with new surroundings. 

3. Take a trip to the local beer garden

Another thing I love to do in the summer, especially in the evening is going to the beer gardens! This is just another lovely way to sit out in the sun in the evening, having drinks/cocktails with friends!! 

4. Visit local cafes for Breakfast, brunch or lunch

I love finding new places to eat in town, especially when they are really aesthetically pleasing. I love going out for food and socialising with my friends and family and just catching up over good food. Some of the places I have been loving recently are The Find, which sell amazing cruffins. If you are ever in Cheltenham I would highly recommend. I also love the ice cream from milk Bar, there are so many flavours and I believe they often cater for vegans!! Another place that is on my to try list is The Kindness and Co cafe which is another lovely place that sells healthy food!!

5. Get the train somewhere new...

There are so many fun places to go and often it can be a bit of a pain getting there! But I feel like a train journey in itself adds to a great day! Even taking a train to the nearest town and having a look around can be really fun and also really affordable depending on where you go! Maybe the beach, shopping or exploring a new town.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you some ideas of what to do this summer!! see you in my next post 

Cristy x x 


  1. These are some really cute ideas that would be lovely on a warm Summer's day. Love that you're always getting ice cream too - I'd do the same hehe x
    Amber |

    1. aww thankyou!! hahaha i know always thinking about food hahah!! xx

  2. Ooh wow those icecreams look epic, and perfect for this hot weather xx

    Gemma Etc. ❤️


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