Top Ten: Beauty Essentials for Summer 2018...

21 Jun 2018

Hello everyone,

Ya gal is back on YouTube woohoo!! Finally, after a couple of months of Uni stress I have finally decided to start making videos again. I feel like the break was definitely needed as I had so much uni work! Having a long summer at Uni I figured that why not spend my time on my YouTube and blog because it's something I love...

This weeks video is all about my 'Top Ten' Beauty essentials for Summer 2018. There are so many products I love using, especially skincare products in the summer. As I mentioned in the video, I tend to focus a lot more on skincare in the summer rather than Make up. however there are many pieces I love that make my skin glow!! I really hope you enjoy this video and be sure to comment any videos you would love me to do...

Here is the Direct link to my video

See you next time, 

Cristy x x 

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  1. Looks like the products are very good, I will try them all in the shortest time.


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