A wardrobe winter staple-Blogmas #3

15 Dec 2018

Hello everyone, 

Today I am sharing with you one of my favourite winter wardrobe pieces! I thought this would be a great series to start on my blog where I share with you some of my favourite pieces of the season and how I like to style them. Today I am starting with my favourite roll neck jumper from Topshop. 

I actually brought this one back in September but I believe it is still in stock on Topshop. However the other day I saw a roll neck in primark which was so similar and felt just as soft and cosy as the Topshop at a fraction of the price. This one was £30, which may seem like a little pricey, but it has honestly been one of the greatest staple pieces for my wardrobe this winter. I love how soft it is and how it keeps you so warm and cosy. But to also great because it can be worn as a layering piece under a coat and you don’t feel too hot. 

How I style my roll neck knit... 

I love wearing my roll neck with a simple pair of jeans and 
my H & M knee Hugh boots, but I think my favourite way to style these is with a skirt and my knee high boots. I find it works well with a skirt when you roll the knit up into your bra! I learned this trick from @fashioninflux on Instagram. She honestly has the best styling videos that give me so much inspiration for outfit ideas. 

I think roll necks are the perfect piece for your winter wardrobe! So I thought I would share with you some other options below just in case the Topshop one didn’t tickle your fancy... 

I really hope you enjoyed blogmas day three and I will see you next time! 

Cristy N 

x x x 


  1. Great post - I think this is an adorable winter staple for sure! :) I am a huge fan of oversized sweaters this season because I tend to get cold easily haha... Thanks for sharing - your blog is really great!
    -Jenna <3
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    1. thankyou so much! i know i absolutely love it and i have worn it soo much! thats okay lovely im so glad you enjoyed xxx

  2. This is such a lovely jumper! I'm usually all about bright coloured ones, but with this I can see myself pairing it with cool accessories! xx

    1. thankyou! yes you deffo have the same idea as me haha! xx


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