6 ways to make your Outfits look Expensive on a Budget...

15 Jan 2019

Hello everyone,

Today I thought I would share with you how I try to make my outfits/ wardrobe look expensive, by spending very little and saving my money. I often watch hauls and look books on YouTube and see so many gorgeous pieces from Reiss, Whistles and even higher end brands such as Gucci and ChloƩ etc. However, being a student, this is of course a lifestyle that I just can not afford just yet, so I thought I would share with you my tips on how you can still stay looking classy and expensive, but on a budget...

1. Choose one in-expsenive key piece...

And what I mean by this, is essentially buying from stores such as New Look, Primark, or online stores such as I Saw It First and Pretty Little Thing. The reason for this is so, for example, Here I am wearing this skirt from Primark which only cost me £8, Which is just an incredible price. I honestly can not believe how good the quality is for the money and if you really have a good mooch around Primark, you can often find some really amazing things, along with online stores such as I saw it first. I find buying from these stores is great because it means you don't have to spend triple the price at somewhere like Topshop. However, this leads me onto my next tip...

2. Pair Your in-expensive pieces with high quality garments...

As much as I love a little look around Primark, I prefer to pair the cheaper piece with a higher quality piece of clothing from my wardrobe. Here I have paired the £8 skirt with this Roll neck jumper from Topshop. Now this was around £30 which is definitely a lot more expensive than Primark, even thought I have actually seen one similar in Primark for just £13, however when it comes to things like knitwear, I would definitely reccomened going for something a little more expensive. Of course not spending hundreds of pounds, but the £30 is great because not only is it great quality, It's actually a great price. 

3. Search the sale rails

This is one thing I love doing, however I find this works best when I go alone and in the right mindset. I feel like I really have to give everything a chance and have a thorough look through the sale rales. I find you can find so many amazing things when having a really good look, I often get so many great bargains from doing this.

4. Focus on neutral shades

I feel like neutral colours always make an outfit look 10 times more expensive than it maybe actually is. Nude shades also can make a look, look so much classier. I think a nude jacket, long line coat makes an outfit look so much more put together. Again, a neutral knit wear piece can also look really chic too. Neutral faux leather skirts can also look amazing with a long line skirt. I actually have a nude/grey long line coat from River Island which always makes me feel sooo much better within myself and I believe it is now around £60 in the sale, and for the quality, its amazing.  

5. Choose a great bag

I love accessorising outfits, as I feel they make the outfit look so much more expensive, chic and put together. I have my bag from Carvella Kurt Kieger, which was only £19 from £59 can you believe it. I love this one because of the colour, now I love neutral colours as I think they look so classy and go with absolutely everything. I think the bag can honestly change a whole outfit, and if you look online you can find so many amazing bags that really elevate the whole look. I think bags with chains can also look great as it can add that little more detail. 

6. Choose your Accessorises wisely

Now I think jewellery can make your outfit look so much more expensive than it is. I tend to go for rose gold jewellery as I am just loving it at the moment. My earrings, and bracelet are actually from Pandora for £55, but have amazing affordable alternatives for such great prices. I also got my watch for my birthday but I believe it is from Miss Selfridge and now in the sale for £15 which is amazing considering watches can be so expensive. 

 I really hope you enjoyed this post and that it gave you some inspiration..

See you next time,


x x x 


  1. Great tips, accessories can really transform an outfit! xx

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    Elegant Duchess xx

  2. One expensive key piece does the magic

  3. I absolutely adore this blog post, this is something that I love to do!

    Danielle xx

    1. thankyou so much im so glad you enjoyed xx

  4. I really need to take some of these tips on board. Especially the one about neutral shades!
    Sunset Desires

  5. I found these tips so helpful dear, especially the one to focus on neutral shades: pale pinks and beige look so elegant and chic!

    1. yes 100% agree, im so glad you enjoyed the post xxx

  6. Love these tips! i agree a bag can make such a difference to an whole outfit xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

    1. thankyou so much!! yes it can indeed, you are so right xx

  7. These are excellent tips dear. Indeed, the bag completes your look.
    Jessica |

  8. Amazing post! Thanks for share such important information about outfit. Waiting for your next blog.

    Nahid |


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