Five ways to Style a hair Scarf...

10 Jan 2019

Hello everyone, 
I recently got a request through my Instagram direct messages asking if I could share how I style a hair scarf. So today i'm doing just that. This scarf was actually only £2 from H & M which I thought was such a bargain, considering some of these can be pretty expensive if you by real silk scarves. These are great because not only can they be tied in your hair, you can tie them around your handbag or even as a wrist wrap. But today I thought I would share five hairstyles that can be worn with a hair scarf.
1. Look one
This is probably one of the easiest ways to style a hair scarf, as all you need to do is part your hair at your natural parting, brush back your baby hair, if you have any, and then pop the hair scarf around the back of your ears and tie into a bow on top of your head. This one I find is really handy to do when your hair is maybe in need of a wash but you really can't be bothered, as I know I have those days. 

2. Look Two

Look two is a little more complex, just take a small section of the front of your hair and brush the rest back into a pony tail. I have tied mine in the centre of my head as I often get headaches if my pony tail is too high. However this look would also look great with a higher pony tail. I then just took the scarf and tied it the same as look one. I would recommend adding a couple of grips to the bottom of the scarf as the material can often slide off your head. 

3. Look Three 

For this look I think the scarf just makes it look soooo much cuter and can make an outfit look so much more put together. Start by sectioning your hair making sure there is more hair on the bottom than is in the top section. Use a hairbrush to make sure there are as little bumps as possible. Then use an invisibobble or small elastic bobble and tie this around the sectioned piece of hair. You can then take the scarf and tie it tightly once around the other bobble, making sure to cover it. Then you could tie it into a bow to finish off. 

4. Look four

This look is similar to look two, however I have lowered the pony tail a little. This look is achieved the same way as look two, however when putting your hair into the pony, just tie it lower and a little loose. This look is great for if you need your hair just tied back loosely out of your face if you are busy or rushing around. As you can see my hair is curled for this look which can often make the pieces of hair at the front look more natural.

5. Look Five

Look five is another really simple and easy look. I use the same method as look three, just instead of tying the scarf into a bow, I have left the pieces loose. This is a great way to wear the scarf as it just gives a little something to your look, it can make your hairstyle look like you have taken so much more time than you have, considering these looks take approximately 2 minutes or less to achieve.

I really hope these looks have inspired you to try out the hair scarf trend..


x x x 

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  1. Such cute ways to style a hair scarf, they're all so dreamy and imaginative! ♥︎

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. thankyou so much im so glad you liked them xx

  2. These are all such stunning looks!

    Danielle xx

  3. You look so cute in all of these styles, I need some scarves xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️


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