How I have made the most of being a Blogger and not living in London...

6 Jan 2019

Hello everyone,

This year I really wanted to start writing blog posts that are going to be helpful to you guys, so today i'm going to be sharing with you how I have made the most of being a blogger living outside of London. I always see so many amazing photos across instagram from bloggers living in London, and they are always such incredible photos because there are just so many Instagrammable cafes, restaurants etc. We all know of course Peggy Porschen and Elan cafe are just some of the prettiest places to take photos for the blog, but for some of us including myself, its just not very easily accessable. 

I have visited London a couple times and its always a great day out but living almost 3 hours away, it can be a bit of a pickle trying to get there. So, I have put together some little ways you can use your local surroundings to take cute photos for the blog, I mean you may already know this by now and I am late on the waggon, but I thought I would share with you my take, I really hope this helps...

1. Take a drive around your local Town for inspiration

Whenever I am in the passenger seat of the car and Sam's driving us around at the weekend, I always find myself looking out the window and spotting places that would be great for blog photos. Driving through out your local area but places you may not always go is another great way to find places, or even places you know of but have forgotten how pretty they are. The other day myself and Sam were dropping some cake into my mums work when we parked outside the most beautiful pink house and I just knew I had to take a photo of it. Of course you need to be weary of those living in it. 

2. Search your local area on Instagram location

As well as finding great places to eat and take photos, I always find this is a great way of finding new people to follow who are interested in similar things to you. I have followed so many new bloggers who I had never known were from my town through visiting locations on Insta. You can always find really cute, independent cafe's and restaurants through this, which can often look adorable and perfect for your blog. So when you find a place, it may be helpful to others who are also wanting to know where to go in your local town. 

3. Find local blogger who may want to take pics with you 

Now over the time I have been blogging I have discovered so many bloggers who are near by to where I live. I have mainly discovered them through Instagram so if you do know anyone who blogs, why not message them and ask if they would want to meet up and take some photos for each other, and whats the worst that could happen. I maybe would recommend following them for a little while before approaching just so you know they are genuine and who they say they are, stranger danger and all that...

4. Take the opportunity when it comes 

Stepping away from photos now, I know that many bloggers living away from the London area often find it difficult to attend blogging and brand events in London because they live to far away or travel costs are just a little too pricey. I know that for me its not very convenient. However, if you are ever invited to a trip or blogging event in London, I would definitely not turn it down, as I have done so before and I do regret not going. Instead of going for the day or even just the hours of the event, you could make a day or even a weekend down in London, of course making sure to plan your days and where you would like to visit. 

5. Collaborate with Local businesses

Whether this be via email, or just supporting local businesses across social media, this can be a great way to get involved with blogging experiences in your local area. I know that where I live there are many small family run business that are hot on their social media and I would love to work with. So staying active and supporting via social media and visiting these places is a great way to make connections with brands. This may even lead to the business wanting to work with you on a blog post...

So I really hope you enjoyed this post and I really hope that it was useful to you,

See you next time,


x x x 


  1. what a lovely post Cristy! i will definitely need to do number 5 more!!(:

    wish you a wonderful start of 2019
    Cate ღ 35mm in Style

    1. thankyou so much! im glad you enjoyed it xx

  2. Such a helpful post! I don't live in London so agree it can be tricky to find great locations but it's easy to forget what is in your own neighbourhood. xx

    1. im so glad you found it helpful!! yes deffinitely xx

  3. This is such a great blog post. There are always so many places in your local area that are great!

    Danielle xx

  4. I don't live in London but I really feel I miss out, so I try and make as many blogger friends as possible and read up on the new launches xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️


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