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7 Mar 2019

Hello everyone,

A couple of weeks back myself and Sam took a trip to Nottingham after the lovely team at Pizza Storm Uk invited me to try some of their pizza at their restaurant in Nottingham. For those who know me, you will now how much I love pizza, so I definitely had to take them up on the offer. I honestly could not believe they had invited me to their restaurant, I felt incredibly honoured.

We were greeted by the loveliest man who took us to the table, the place had a very relaxed, chill vibe. I absolutely loved the decor and the vibe that they were going for with their aesthetics. There was so much choice of pizza flavours and we were so surprised as to how in expensive the restaurant was. It cost only £7.55 to create your own pizza, so I went for the classic tomato base, mozzarella, chorizo and red jalapeƱos. Sam went for the bbq base, mozzarella, ham, onions and sun dried tomatoes, which also cost just £7.55. I think for the amount of toppings you can chose from and the size of the pizza, £7.55 is such an affordable price.

We also ordered a side of garlic dough balls which were also amazing and were only £2.75. Myself and Sam had also had a huge lunch at a local burger restaurant so when it came to eating dinner we were already so full. But the pizza was really lovely and we were able to take it away. Now I won't lie, it I do love the Fat Toni's pizza, which is a local pizza place in Cheltenham and Gloucester, and I feel like I am yet to find a pizza place better, However, considering Pizza Storm pizza costs around 1/3 of the price, it is such a great place to go for pizza.

 For those of you local to Nottingham and Newcastle, I would highly recommend trying out the restaurant, as the food is amazing and its somewhere to go if you are looking for an affordable dinner. It would also be a great place to go with the family, as Pizza's start from just £6.

I would like to thank the lovely guys at Pizza Storm Nottingham, for inviting myself and Sam to try out their Pizzas. The restaurant was lovely and the experience was made even better from how lovely the staff were.

I really hope you enjoyed this little review, please let me know if you enjoyed and if you would like to see more foody reviews on my blog. See you next time...

Cristy N 

x x x 


  1. It looks so lovely here, my kind of place!

    Danielle xx

  2. Omg my mouth is watering. I LOVE pizza and this looks so good aaah

    1. i think pizza is probably the best food ever hahaha xxx


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