My Skincare Saviours this Summer...

14 Jul 2019

Hello everyone,

Today I thought I would share with you some new additions and some favourite skincare products I have been loving this summer. I had also noticed I had not written a beauty post for the longest time, so I thought why not start another today. 

I have tried so many different skincare products over the past couple of years, including drugstore and high end products and some of my favourites have been from up coming brands I have found through Instagram. I have recently been sent a couple of products from the lovely team at Freshly Cosmetics which I have been testing out for the past couple of months, so I have had plenty of time to see if they work and if they are right for m skin...

1. Freshly cosmetics Rose Quartz Facial Cleanser*

Now this product was one of the products that caught my eye on the Freshly Cosmetics site, one because it was pink and two, it looked like it would be so lovely for my skin. I don't know if you are able to tell from the photo, however, I have indeed nearly finished the entire bottle. I used this as both a facial wash and make up remover cleanser. I would usually use this in the morning to wash my face and in the evening if I needed to remove any make up. I would take a couple of pumps and just massage it into the skin and use a flannel or muslin cloth to remove the product. I loved the way it made my skin feel, it left it feeling so soft and clean and the scent of the product is amazing and unlike anything I have smelt before.  This would be a great product if you are after a light cleanser that is not too thick and heavy on the skin. For £16, it is a nice in between price from the drugstore and high end, and works just as well as some of the higher end products on the market.

2. Alya Skin Australian pink clay mask*

This is possibly one of the best face masks I have ever used for my skin. I have tried so many different face masks, especially those from the drugstore and I won't lie, not many of them have worked on my skin at all. I love this one because it goes onto the skin really nicely and dries so you can see where your black heads have been. I leave it on for around 15 minutes and then remove it with a wet flannel and it just makes my skin feel so refreshed. I tend to use this when my skin is really in need of a pick me up and if it is feeling a little dull. It makes my skin feel clean, soft and rejuvenated which is all I will ever ask of a face mask. You find this face mask on Beauty Bay for £30, which I do think is pretty expensive, however, I do think the quality of the mask is wonderful and works better than any cheaper product I have tried. 

3. Freshly Cosmetics Red Velvet oil Serum*

A product I never thought I would like to apply to my face would be an oil. I always felt like it would be really bad for my skin and break me out into spots and redness, However, this one is fab. I tend to put 3 small drops onto my face, one on the forehead and two on the cheeks and quickly rub it in gently to the skin. I feel like this just adds an extra layer of hydration to my skin as I love my skin to be moisturised and glowing. This is meant for use in the evening, however if I feel like my skin need some extra moister I will use this in the morning after my shower. This oil is specifically designed to help with blemishes, redness, wrinkles, lines and scars, so I guess a little like Bio Oil but for your face. For £31, again is quite pricey, however, as a concentrated product, you need a little each time, meaning it will last you well. I always like to apply a moisteriser over the top of the oil just to get rid of the oily feel on the skin...

4. Dermalogica Prisma protect SPF*

Now I actually used up this product about a month ago, so as you can tell, I liked it a lot. Again it was another great product to make your skin glowing. I absolutely love how it gives you an instant glow which is great if you want to wear foundation over the top, it will give a lovely glow underneath. It is also great if you just want your skin to look glowing on a no make up make up day. It is so moisturising and is perfect for the summer as it adds an extra layer of moister and also an extra layer of protection from the sun with an SPF 30.  It also has a lovely flex in the product, not a shimmer or a glitter but a little glow... 

I really hope this post helped you if you were after any new skincare saviours in your routine...

See you next time

Cristy N 

x x x 

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