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28 Jul 2019

Hello everyone,

Today I have a very exciting/ informative post for you all. I feel like I am finally ready to share with you my festival tips with you. Now I after being to a festival as big as Creamfields, I feel like I have a hefty amount of knowledge that I can share with you if any of you are in need of some help on what to take with you, what to expect from a festival, and how to prepare for one... or even if you are an avid festival goer and you just need some help and guidance on what to pack and take with you. I do hope this post helps you out and please do let me know if you have any questions, please do feel free to leave them down below...

1. Preparing your camp for the Festival...

So the first thing to of course do is prepare, now I tend to source out my tent a couple of weeks to one month in advance to the festival, just in case you have any problems with your tent and need to find a new one. The worst thing would be to arrive and find out that your tent is knackered. Another thing to find would be a bag you are going to take your things in, I tend to take a bag that can be pulled, so preferably something with wheels, as you will find you will probably have a lot to carry and pulling something is going to be a hell of a lot easier. 

I would also reccomened searching for festival clothing months before you go. I find that you are most likely to find festival clothing and accessories at the beginning of the summer when stores and online sites first release their summer collections. Or, if you know you will be attending a festival, have a look in the winter as this is when the festival clothing is the cheapest.

The Essential List for your Camp

1. A tent (this is essential of course)
2. Camping chair 
3. Sleeping bag
4. A torch 
5. Refillable water bottle 
6.  Roll matt or Air bed 

2. Preparing yourself for the festival

For me this is one of my favourite things to do, I love the excitement before the festival and preparing everything for the weekend. So Creamfields is a four day festival, so Thursday to Sunday, which is a long time to go with out a shower. So giving yourself a pamper is just what you need before a weekend of being smelly....

So the night before, I will run a bath, put in as much bubble bath and oils as possible and soak myself for at least 45 minutes. I feel so much more refreshed after a bath and it I feel like a bath makes you feel cleaner for longer. Wash your hair, shave, exfoliate and all that jazz and maybe even double cleanse yourself. Of course if there are showers at the festival, this step of the process can be a little less intense, however, unfortunately some festivals do not offer showers, or you have to que for a very long time and its often not worth it. 

My top tip for your Hair

For all of you ladies out there, this is one of my top tips on how to keep your hair as fresh as possible. So before the festival, I will shampoo, condition thoroughly, then blow dry my hair. I will often curl my hair and pin them so they are ensured to last longer. I keep them in the pin curls untill they are cool and in the morning of the festival I will put three small plaits in the top of my hair, so my hair is half up and half down. This means the top of my hair is always in plaits, hiding the grease and when it starts to get a little messy and you can tell I have slept on it, I will take the small plaits out and get someone to put my hair into one long plait, to hide the grease even more, because lets be real, your hair is going to get greasy and gross .... Of course take with you a dry shampoo or even baby powder if you can not take aerosol's, as a lot of festivals will not allow these.

The Essential toiletry list

1. Roll on Deodorant 
2. Shaver 
3. Baby powder
4. Baby wipes
5. Make up wipes
6. Tooth paste 
7. Tooth brush 
8. Hair brush, hair ties, grips
9. Sun cream
10. Small mouth wash 
11. Tissues
12. Your Pill (if you have one)
13. Paracetamol 
14. Aftersun 
15. Plasters 
16. TISSUES ( for the loos and emotional times)
17. Dry shampoo 
18. Anti bacterial hand gel
19. MOST IMPORTANTLY GLITTER (Biodegradable if you can) 

3. Planning your Outfits 

This is one of the best things to do if you are going to a festival, as it means you do not need to take more clothes than you need. You do not want to be lugging around clothes that you are not going to use and could have stayed at home. I love planning outfits and as you plan, pack these into your case as soon as they are planned, meaning the outfit will already be ready for you when you come to wearing it. Make sure you try and figure out if there are pieces you can wear in more than one outfit. 

Some places I would reccomened looking for festival wear is Depop. There are so many people selling pre owned or hand made festival wear that always looks amazing. Ebay is another place to look if you are after some jazzy pieces for a festival...

Wardrobe Essential List 

1. Underwear ( of course) 
2. trainer and ankle socks 
3. 1 Bra and one bandeau
4. Bikini ( for showers or sun bathing)
5. A water proof jacket 
6. Wellies 
7. Welly socks or Fluffy socks 
9. Hat 
10. BUM BAG 
11. Really extra glittery clothing
12. Clothes for everyday wear
13.  A pair of jazzy Sunglasses 
14. Trainers that you dont mind getting ruined 

So I believe I have covered almost everything, If there is anything I have missed, please to let me know... Also, always remember your ID, Festival ticket and transport ticket... If you are attending a festival, I hope you have the most amazing time and if your off to Creamfields 2019, I'll see you there....

See you soon 

Cristy N 

x x x 


  1. Your insightful lists for preparing to enjoy festivals are amazingly detailed, thorough, and amazing. Also amazing are the pretty outfits you and your friends were wearing in the fabulous photos above! You and your friends look absolutely fabulous in all of them.
    P.S.: I LOVE your fashion taste and I love your new video 'FESTIVAL OUTFIT IDEAS 2019' | Cristy Nottingham - YouTube!

    1. awww yay thankyou soooooo much, im so glad you loved our outfits, thankyou so much for your lovely comments xxx


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