What I wore to Creamfields 2019...

2 Sept 2019

Hello everyone, 

Once again I apologise for not being very present on the blog, however I have been working a lot and  preparing for a three day piss up in a field. So, some of you may know that I did in fact go to creamfields at the weekend and once again it blew my mind. If you know me you will know just how much I love my weekend at Creamfields and if you ever get the chance to go I would 10 million% recommend. 

This year I went on the Friday, however the festival does start on the Thursday so this year only three days of outfits. It was also about 28 degrees on the Saturday and Sunday which was genuinely incredible as last year was a very wet one. It was so nice to have some sunshine and come home with a tan. Don't get me wrong it was one sweaty, sticky, sun burnt weekend but I loved it. 

So I thought I would share with you what I wore to creamfields this year, hopefully this may give you an idea of what to wear to your next festival. Now I won't lie, after seeing what everyone else was wearing, I definitely did not get the memo about neon this year. So many people wore neon and I guess I kind of went for the Coachella vibes, which I am happy with.

On Friday it was a little cooler, around 25 degrees so I was actually able to wear a decent amount of clothing, So I wore this sparkly, sequin top from New look, with one of my favourite skirts of the summer, a broderie piece from H & M. I felt like the broderie made this outfit look super girly but festival chic. I also paired it with my bum bag which was also from New Look, so of course this bag will be in every outfit. On my feet, we were lucky enough to not have to wear wellies, so I wore these White ankle converse which went so well with all of the outfits.

Saturday's outfit was a bit of a compromise as it was soooo hot, which I definitely am not complaining about. I wore my River Island white fluted shorts with a Topshop floral bikini top and layered up my jewellery. I really enjoyed wearing this look because, 1, I had no choice but to wear the bikini because it was roast beef, and 2 it was nice to be able to catch a tan as well.

Finally, Sundays outfit was really simple, again it was very hot so I just threw on this Miss Guided lace/ crochet playsuit and popped my bum bag around. This was great because although it was quite a thick playsuit, it kept me really cool as it was back less. My sunnies were from primark for anyone wondering...

I really hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you soon...

Love Cristy 

x x x x 

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