6 Festive Things to do This Christmas...

17 Dec 2019

Hello everyone,

Today I thought I would share with you some festive ideas and things to do this Christmas time. I absolutely love christmas time so much and I love to fill December with lots of fun , festive activities so I thought i would share these with you, maybe if your not feeling very christmassy or wanting to get in the christmas spirit, these ideas may give you a little christmas inspo.

1. Go to your local christmas market 

Now you are probably thinking this idea isn't very much so thinking outside of the box, but this is one of my absolute favourite things to do in December. I love walking around the local christmas market eating food and drinking hot chocolate, although it may only take a small time out of your day but it can put you in such a festive mood. I have heard so many good things about Bath, Bristol and Nottingham Christmas markets, so maybe this would be some great days out if you are a lover of christmas markets.

2.  Take A trip Ice Skating  

This is another thing I absolutely love doing just a couple of days before christmas. This has always been a family tradition where we used to go down to Bristol Cribs Causeway shopping for the day and then go on the ice rink. I have seen so many places this year that would be great for ice skating, especially The natural History Museum. i have seen so many gorgeous photos and it makes me want to get the old coach down to London for the day just to go ice skating. Pretty much almost every christmas market will have an ice rink, as well as London, Bath and Bristol both have an ice rink if you live near the cotswolds. 

3.  Bake some gingerbread 

This is one thing I am yet to do, but seriously need to get in that kitchen. Again, this is one of my favourite things to do and if you wanted to have a day at home and don't know what to get up to, this is a great thing to fill your time with. I actually have a gingerbread blog post if you are in need of a recipe. Its also a great thing to do with the little ones too and you can get as creative as possible. You can find my gingerbread blog post and recipe HERE

4. Spend an eve at the Panto 

This is one thing that I rarely do but wish i did more of at christmas time. I don't think there is anything better to get you in the christmas mood than going to the pantomime. This one great thing to do with the family and especially if you have nieces, nephews you can take along, it makes it even more special to see them enjoying themselves. I'm pretty sure nearly every town has a panto on so take a look in your local area and I ams sure you will find something.

5. Spend an evening Wrapping your gifts. 

I always love to make an evening out of wrapping presents. I like to take my time, watch and film and drink hot chocolate whilst I wrap them. This is such a good way to feel festive and to fill an evening if you are in need of doing something creative.

6.  Have a christmas film marathon

Of course, one thing thats always going to make you feel more festive is watching Christmas films. This is another thing I love doing on a cosy, cold evening with the christmas tree lights on. There are so many amazing christmas films out there, my faves are definitely Home Alone (1 & 2 ), and of course The Polar Express.  Here is a list of christmas films to watch, click here...

I really hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it gives you some ideas of what to do this Christmas

Cristy Jade Lydia 

 x x x 


  1. I have spent the last few evenings sat by the TV with a Christmas film playing, whilst I wrap up all the rest of the gifting bits I have left. It's been bliss!
    Amber |

    1. isnt it just such a lovely time of year xxx


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