A Wonderful Christmas Time...

27 Dec 2019

Hello everyone,

I hope you had an absolutely wonderful christmas. I had truly an amazing time and I had so much fun spending time with my family and friends this Christmas. I thought I would share with you what I have been up to this last week and share with you a few snaps of what has been going on in my life this Christmas...

So last week I finished work on Wednesday and myself and sam went for the most amazing burger at Holee Cow in Cheltenham and then we took a visit to Gloucester Quays for some last minute christmas shopping. I also finished wrapping my christmas gifts and did the finishing touches for christmas. On saturday we went to see sam DJ in town so myself and my friends went on a little night out which was so much fun and so festive. On Sunday me and sam very much so chilled out and then myself and my mum went to the carol service at the village church, and honestly it was so lovely, i used to go as a child and it just reminded me of christmas and made me feel so so festive.

On christmas day we spent the day at my sisters house which was lovely and she cooked us the most fantastic dinner of course, it was so lovely and so nice to chill with my family and head to sams in the evening for drinks and a game of cards against humanity, which I must say was a barrel of laughs. On boxing day myself and Sam treated ourselves to a lovely breakfast at the Ivy. I had the avocado eggs benedict with chips and sam had the most amazing pancakes. We also had an amazing coffee which I would highly reccomened if you are ever in need of an energy boost. We then took a trip to Gloucester quays again as sam had seen an amazing aviator coat in All Saints which he decided to treat himself too.

I had such a wonderful festive period and I couldn't be happier with how I spent it. I honestly can not thank my family enough for always making christmas so special for me, I hope you all had a magical christmas, please let me know what you got up to...


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