The Perfect Spring outfit for When it's still Chilly...

6 Mar 2020

Hello everyone,

Today I thought I would share with you a great outfit idea for when its sunny but its still incredibly cold. I genuinely can not wait for the warmer weather to come so I can actually wear these outfits without a massive coat over the top. I am so excited for spring as you can tell as I am always wearing outfits that are probably too cold for the time of the year. 

So my first tip is to get yourself some long trousers. If you know me, you'll know that I am in love with a long comfy trouser. They are just often so much better than wearing jeans as they can sometimes can so uncomfortable and there is only so many times you can wear your jeans and a top. So I decided to pair these Pretty Little Thing sage green trousers with a really simple white t-shirt bodysuit which was only £5 from Primark.

I highly reccomened going into primark and having a look at their new spring pieces as they have soooo many lovely things and the colours are just amazing. If you love mint green you are probably going to end up walking out of primark with everything in your basket. I also just popped on a pair of white trainers and added this adorable mini pink bag. This is also from Primark and only costs £6 which is crazy. I also had to pick this bag up in the light blue too. Because it was a little sunny, I added these really lovely sunnies to the look which are also Primark and cost me around £2-£3, and no unfortunately this post isn't sponsored by primark, I wish hahah...I feel like sunnies can bring an outfit together and make you look like you have really thought about your outfit. 

And of course you are probably wondering how I make this suitable for the colder days, I usually wear my massive cream faux fur coat from New Look over the top and then sometimes, if I remember, a little hack I often do is to pop leggings on underneath the trousers. You literally Can not tell and it is just an extra layer to make you that little warmer but still staying stylish. 

I really hope you enjoyed this post and Hopefully it gave you some little tips on how to stay stylish and warm ...

Cristy N 

x x x 

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